Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is people who don't want to try because BG is a demanding school and wants you to work hard and succeed. Even if you are shy, so many people are there to meet and at BG you won't be shy anymore. The only type of person I would say shouldn't attend this school is a person who doesn't want to try. The classes require work outside of class, just like any other school would, and if you are not dedicated then you will fail.


One that isnt into school spirit


Someone who isn't willing to change or learn shouldn't attend this school. This school requires an open mind.


Close-minded individuals should definitely not attend Bowling Green. Though it is located in a very conservative area, the school itself is very open to diversity and students of all different backgrounds and political beliefs!


Anyone who doesn't like cold weather, wind and snow. The campus is not that great looking so anyone who would like a "pretty" campus.


A person who isn't willing to put in the effort to achieve high in school and isn't up for a challenge shouldn't come here. If a person is looking for a free ride and isn't willing to work hard academically than they shouldn't enroll here.


Independent. Responsible. Outgoing.


A very shy, quite type of person


I feel that anyone can attend this school and be happy with it. There really is so much diversity in classes and after school activities that most people could find their place at Bowling Green. The only downside I can imagine would be if someone really wanted to live in a big town or city for their college years. Bowling Green is a smaller town, but there is alwyas something to do.


Someone who is unwilling to learn and or unwilling to branch out and try.


Someone who doesn't want to learn or grow, I suppose. I've seen people from every walk of life here. The only people who really don't belong are those that don't want to be there. There's a place for just about everyone.


everyone is welcome at BGSU


Anyone who enjoys the lifestyle of a large city would not enjoy the rural, farm setting of BGSU.


People shouldn't attend this school if they need a big city to function. The town is small and doesn't offer a lot as far as cuisine and shopping go, but a short drive to one of the nearby cities isn't so bad. Students also shouldn't attend if they need a smaller community. I've been fortunate enough to have small class sizes so far, but it is a good sized campus, I can see how someone from a more rural area could get caught off balance.


Some one that is afriad of large campuses or lots of people.


Someone who likes city-life since this school is more rural and less populated. Also people that prefer smaller colleges should not attend this school since it is a medium sized one, but is not considered a large college so those who prefer bigger universities in busy towns should also not attend this school. There is a downtown but more focused on bars and clubs, not for the students who like shopping centers and cultural diversity.


Someone who is not ready to work very hard to achieve great things.


Somene who is not ready to be out on their own and be fully responsible for their actions should not attend this school.


I truly do not believe that there is a particular kind of person that should not attend this school. I believe that this school does cater to an assortment of races, disabilities, and income levels. I believe the students and administration are very welcoming to all kinds of individuals.


A big partier, like huge schools and huge classes, if your really serious about being pre-med or pre-law is a big liberal arts school.


Someone who can not handle living in a small town and the occasional bad weather.


any one should attend


Someone who's not serious about being in college in general shouldn't attend this school.


I belive that any kind of person is welcome at BG. There is a mixture of so many different races, religions, and backgrounds. being open and yourself, you will find a group that you can get along with and make your college experience a good one.


There is a place for everyone here.


Those who dont want to try to be involved and those who dont like school


Someone who wants everything to be handed to them. Like I said before, to do great at this school you need to be self motivated.


A person who should not attend this school would be someone who hates the cold, hates partying, hates a small town, and hates to have fun.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard and who isn't determined.


Anyone who enjoys free thinking and creativity should avoid Bowling Green. If you enjoy social activities that don't always involve beer pong and rap music, this is not the place for you. If you want to be challanged academicall, don't come to BG.


People that are into school spirit and meeting people.


I believe that anyone could attend this school and love it. There are groups and organizations for everyone.


Smart, self motivated, fun-loving students with a desire to be involved in the campus and surrounding community.


I feel that Bowling Green is very welcoming to everyone. I believe that there is a place for every type of person to fit in at Bowling Green.


I really can't think of any one type of person that shouldn't attend this school. If you're looking to come to college and are willing to do the work then why not go ahead and give this school a shot.


If an individual is not self-motivated, or are not interested in actively contributing to their own success for the future, they should not attend any insitution of higher education.