Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to wait a year to join a sorority, or until I truly knew myself. Looking back that was my biggest mistake my freshman year. I joined a sorority to meet new people and make friends. Unfortunately, in order to make friends worth having, one needs to know oneself and what one wants overall. If one does not know what one wants, one will fall for anything. I would tell myself to wait to start such relationships with "sisters", friends, even serious boyfriends, until one has a clear sense of oneself. I did not when starting out in college; I got into many difficult situations due to this fault. I would like to have a re do button so that I could warren myself of certain people and certain situations in order to perserve my grades, my integrity and overall happiness.


I would tell myselft that it is possible to play sports, have fun and get good grades at the same time. I was so busy having fun and playing sports that I didn't spend enough time on my school work. My grades were OK, but now I am in college and they are so much better. I still spend a lot of time with my friends, play intramural sports and even joined a fraturnity, but my GPA is 3.615. I know now that you can do it all and still achieve at school. I would also tell myself that there is a lot of financial aid out there is your grades are good in high school. Now my grades may be great, but it is too late to get a lot of the academic scholarships that they gave out when I was in high school.


I have gotten a lot from my college experience. I was bordering bewtween two majors and as soon as I started my classes I was able to see what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want to become an elementary school teacher. My first sememster I was put into a classroom where I helped both the students and the teachers. College is now preparing me to be the best teache I can be. I have also been placed in a classroom every sememster so I am constantly working with children. College has shown me that I am on the right career path for me, and I am very excited to continue learning as much as I can so I can be the best teacher I can be. If I did not attend college I would not have learned that I wanted to be an elementary teacher. I would also not be learning the best methods for teaching, and what I need to be able to teach students. I deffinetly needed to go to college to become the best teacher I can be.


I got to learn alot and so easy. I know that everything I learned in Kaplan College I will use in the future to save lifes. It is so important to me to go because as an ambassador of my class I have to set the example, and show up to class, to help my fellow classmates in whatever they may need of assistant.


As I attend college, I'm maturing into a different person. I have a different outlook on life and relationships. I've learned to be in an atmosphere with people ranging in ages sixteen to fifty-five. I must say it has had an impact on my life that I didn't expect. I've learned that going to college isn't showing up, but applying the knowledge that's gained. I've also learned that no one is going to give you anything in life; you get what you earn and what’s kept is what you keep. Attending college has made me a better person, mother and wife. I feel better about myself because of the choice I made to attend college. I will be able to care for my family better after completing my degree. Going to college has also taught me to value time and life. Last but not least to be wise and get understanding in all things.


College taught me so much about myself. Not only as a student but as a female adult. It made me a more well-rounded person. I learned better people skills, cultural diversity and sensitivity, politically correct attitudes and fostered an appreciation for the arts. I also had opportunities to learn about volunteer work and giving back to the community, in addition to job training and school studies. I also managed to function as a bill paying adult, who worked and handled deadlines. I think it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I am so excited to be able to go back to school. The life and curiousity that academia provides is truly awesome.


The most valuable thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is becoming more responsible. When I was in high school I did not have to really make an effort on studying for my exams or in doing my homework. I will just do my work and whatever grade I received I was happy. But in college I cannot do the same thing. I have to put in time and effort in my readings and assignments for my classes to actually get the desired grade that I want. Your teachers are not monitoring what you are doing like in high school. You decide whether or not to do the work in college because if you do not, you will fail the class and have to retake it and actually pay for the course and textbooks you have to buy. Another valuable thing I have gotten from my college experience would be is how to manage my money. I cannot be spending money on everything that I want. I now spend my money wisely because I have to make sure that I have enough money to buy my textbooks, and pay any undue balance to the school.


My college experience has given me the skills to be on my own. It has also made me train harder for my sport (track) and learn to use time managment skills. I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone and hang out with people and go places on my own. College has been really valuable to me it a way that I have become more independent and able to take on tasks that I would not have done while at home. I am learning how to push myself in my studies and balancing it with social time. I really believe that the friendships that I am making is valuable and also the church that I am going to on campus has fufilled my value of religion. I am learning to step up and stand up for what I believe in even though I go to a state college. I have only been in college for a year and It has taught me to handle most challenges thrown my way.


My college experience gave me the opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally. The professors taught very well in the classroom and offered many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Bowling Green State University was very diverse and well expanded in offering different life styles and points of view. I very much enjoyed attending this univeristy and would do it all over again if given the opportunity.


After attending Bowling Green State University, I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and feel that I am better prepared to enter the workforce than when I first enrolled in college. I learned so much from my professors and am so glad they challenged me and took the time to prepare me for my future. I know I made a wise choice coming here because Bowling Green State University really equipped me with loads of knowledge to help me become the best teacher that I can be!


Other than the academic knowledge I have gained, I have gained other valuable life lessons. College has taught me the importance of determination, time management, respect, responsibility, and most importantly independence. I believe that without the college experience I have I would not be the person I am today.


Academically I have learned a lot about Psychology, my major, and helped me learn what I want to do with my life. Socially, I have learned what it is like to be accepted for who I am despite being outside of the norm. I am pansexual and into Anime and other cultures, but people on campus do not care about that. They care about who I am and what I think without judging me.


I have learned an incredible amount of information from my instructors. As a nontraditional 28 year old student, I sometimes forget that I still have more to learn. But I believe that the information I have gained as well as the connections I have made will pave a brighter path for my future. The experience is what you make it. Although I am unable to attend many campus activities because I work and attend school full time, I try to make the most of my experience. I attend every guest speaker, conference, or sporting event that I can, especially the free ones. I may not have the typical dorm life, but I'm going to take advantage of every resource that is available.


By choosing to attend college, I have learned the importance of independence. I was always independent, even when I lived at home. However, I'd always looked at my independence as a burden; I wished I would have had the kind of supportive family other children got to depend on. Moving away from home, I realized how truly wonderful independence is. While other students are crying every night and running home every weekend, I am really able to feel the pride that comes from being my own guardian. I feel an immense sense of satisfaction that I am financing college by myself and maintaining the grades I need in order to stay on track with my degree. Even small things give me pleasure; I extract a great joy from doing my laundry, shopping for groceries, cleaning my room, and going to class on time every day. The college experience has been so much more than I ever expected. The pride I can now take in tasks that once seemed even dull gives me the strength I need to build my own life as an adult. The value of college far surpasses whatever costs may accrue.


My college experience has taught me to stand on my own two feet. It has really forced me to take my education into my own two hands and critically think about what was important to me in life and what took priority. It is definately a lot different from high school where it was the teacher's job to handle my education, now its solely on me, it's very liberating to know that my education is all because of me, I am the sole reason why I am doing so well academically, it is because of the discipline I have exercised while studying for a test or doing assignments. The most important thing I have gotten from my college experience is the ability to believe in myself. The fact that I know that I can be successful on my own is priceless.


in my college experience, i learned how to work with people i never met before, which really will be helpful if i want to be a vet.


I've gained a lot of confidence from going to college. It has helped me to realize how much my future really means to me. Entering college was a big step for me to take because I wasn't used to doing things on my own. College has allowed me to meet new and different people that come from different backgrounds and situations. I know going to school to further my education will help me get far in my life. Going to college is nothing, but succeeding in college takes a lot of hard work. Attending college is something I always knew I would do, but I never would have guessed that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication. I'm glad I decided to attend college. Eventhough I have not in been in college for a full year, it has opened my eyes to a broader and brighter future. I am glad that I chose this step in my life. Even with a little college education I know I have better chances of getting a good paying job compared to a person who did not attend. I am very thankful for my little college experience.


I have learned a great deal about myself as well as the world around me.


So far my college experience has helped me meet new people and I have learned that i need to stay busy. I love college and it is helping me stay on the right page. College is alot different than high school and i have to learnhow to do alot of things on my own. The biggest thing that i have gotten out of my experience so far is time management. I have to learn when to work and when to play. College is very valuable to me because I am a first generation college student and now that I am here I know that there is alot of things that are out there for me. It costs alot of money to go and while I am there I plan to learn as much as possible and make the best of it.


Out of the one full year that I have had here at Bowling Green State University, I have learned a significant amount about time management. I have learned that I must live by my planner and that I must not procrastinate iin the things that I have to do because it will come back and make things difficult for me. One other leasson that I have learned is the importance of friendship. My freshman year in college I did not get out much, I did not participate in any of the events the school or my reisidence hall were having. I was a shy person and did not know anyone. Second semester of my freshman year I began to come out a little bit more and met the amazing friends that I have today. We do everything together and through my friends I have met other people on campus and I no longer feel like an outsider, I feel like I belong on this campus and that I am welcome on this campus.


I have gotten real world experience, leadership, and independence since I have come to college and that is something I would never want to lose or take back. Despite all the hardships on making my way here and all the debt, I am satisfied with my decision to come to Bowling Green State University. It has taught me who I really am and has showed me how to be strong when life throws you some curve balls.


I have learned the finer points of computer hardware, software, and applications that would have taken years to discover on my own. I have also obtained and refined interpersonal, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Going to college has allowed me to not only increase my academic experience, it has also given me the tools to create stronger relationships with those around me.


I have not started college but I have however been playing football for foothill. So far my experience has been great, and a more exciting experience then my past school memories. College is important for me because this is my chance to better myself. I grew up in California, but in the low class. Scholarship offers and other financial aid is great because it gives people such as myself a chance to get an education, and a fair oppurtunity for success. This scholarship would have an undescribable effect on me, and would make my ability to pay for college easier. Thank you for reading, and i hope you take me into consideration for the winner of this scholarship.


College life has changed my perspective in life! In high school I was heavily involved and pretty much knew everybody. At the community college I attended I didn't know most of the people I interacted with. I had a very hard time adjusting socially because I am very shy. Because I did not have many friends I withdrew myself to school and work. This caused me to break down often and I felt emotionally down a lot. School means a lot me; I belive a good education is a huge necessity. However, it is not healthy to shut everything else out. There needs to be a balance in everything that is done. I'm glad I've learned this before it was too late.


I acquired time management and discipline out of my undergraduate experience. It is quite different attending classes online as opposed to traditional campus life. It is more difficult, in my opinion but I learned a great deal more online than in person. There is no skimming through notes before an exam. You either read it, did the required assignments, or you did not and it shows in your grades. I would not trade my college experience through Bowling Green for any other college. It was immensely unique and I recommend the school to everyone!


In my college experience, it has been one of the best. The atmosphere, the people, and the classes make it all valuable to attend. The eagerness to learn and take my education to the next level has also been very valuable. College makes me want to prepare in order to face the many battles that are in the real world. College wants to help you to be ready for the real world. College isn't just about the parties but its also about wanting to learn


College has taught me to stand by my own values and to not be swayed by others. It would be easy to change your moral values to match those around you, but changing your moral values changes who you are. This change would likely not be a better change either. Either people will accept you regardless of your opinions or you'll meet people who share your same views. Either way, you'll be associating with people who will not try to change your values. Honestly, all a person has is their own personal values. If you compromise these values, you're compromising yourself and are likely to make poor life choices.


I have gained many things out of college. I have grown both mentally and academically in thew past year that I attended Bowling Green State University. I have become better in the area of my major (dance). I have enjoyed staying on campus and meeting new people from many different places all over the world. Being at BGSU is a wonderful experience for me and I am very pleased that I decided to attend Bowling Green State University.


I have gained a greater appreciation of my family. You don't know how much you love someone until they are gone. While in college, the distance has made me realize how much I love my family. This has made me realize I should cherish the few moments I have left with them.


Upon enrolling into college, I feel that I've gained alot valuable knowledge, which I can utilize for the rest of my life. I have not graduated yet, so I still have much to learn. I have also gained a sense of self-fulfillment, a higher self-esteem, and a social network. Now I understand why collegeg is so valuable to attend. Without an education, many oppurtunities would pass me by. It was crucial for me to attended college because it's hard to find a good job without an education. College experiences also helped me to become a more well rounded person. I've learned alot from my classmates who's unique personalities and different ethnicities have created a diverse, enriching environment. I feel much more secure with my future now that I am in college.


College has taught me the imortance of sticking to my own morals because at the end of the day, I'm the one who has to look at myself in the mirror and be okay with my own behavior. If my moral standards dont match those around me, maybe it's best to take myself out of that situation. College has made me realize exactly who I am and what I am about. It has made me realize what kind of person I want to be.


So far my college experience has been a great deal of help in my life. I have learned so much throughout the past year that I have been here and I can not wait for the next years to come on this journey. For me, college is very valuable to attend because I know that once I get my degree I can finally find a job that I can enjoy and start my life.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that ambition and maturity =Success. I have learned more then just english and history but the result of having a good education. I have learned no matter how hard it is top acheive a goal to never give up, and this i have not done.


I have taken classes on campus before I started this year. I was familiar with the campus, but living on campus and paying my on way has made me realize that I am responsible for my education. I am able to do so much on my own knowing my parents are at home if I need help. My RA is a fabulous and friend who has given me lots of advise. My classes relate to what I know and I am able to complete courses successfully with timelines. i know that my years coming are going to be great and I want to graduate from BGSU so that I can tell others about it.


College has helped me become my own inidividual and it is helping me become the grown woman in which I have aspired to become. It is also teaching me about how real life is going to be, it is a perfect transition into the real world. The living situation helps me to become more independent without having to live competely on my own. I have met people that I will always stay in contact with, even after my years at BGSU. Without college, I would not be living the life that I want and becoming the person that I hope to become. College is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life.


I grow up with a family of five and I was the third child and the first to attend college.I have gained a feeling of impowerment and I have always felt that due to my family circumstances that I will never be able to attend college. Once i started I felt there was no stopping me and I had nothin but goals ahead. SInce I have been a student I have become aware of the opportunities available to me. I have four children and i strive hard at my work. I do exceptionally well with my coarses and that has helped me in helping my children with their works. I prove to them each day when I get up to attend class that its never too late in life. My children are very proud of their mother and I get praised from my family for being a single mother with four kids, working and going to school. Being in college has made me realize that I can be or do anything I want to do, and all it takes is strength, courage and the willingness too acheive.


When I started college I was filled with fear. I was unsure if I was capable of the academic work load. I was unsure that I would fit in. I was afraid I would fail. I was afraid because I did not know what I wanted to study or become in life. I was afraid simply to take the next step. Growing up is scary. I had always heard that adulthood was filled with overwhelmimg responsibility and no fun. Or at leaste that was what I believed. I was afraid everything would change over night. Sometimes things do change rapidly over night. Most of the time things change gradually and are hardly noticeable. I have learned to take one day at a time. One class period at a time. One assignment at a time. I get easily overwhelmed. So I have had to learn how to reach out to others who are available to help me. I have to not give up so easily. Most of all I have to tell myself that I can succeed. Telling myself otherwise only brings me down, down a path of failure. I haven't declared a major, but am enjoying figuring it out.


My school has taught me a lot about my field of study, but also about life. I am currently in my second degree from the same school with no regrets. I have most certaintly had my share of hardships and wanting to quit, but the staff was always supportive and encouraged me to push through the hard stuff and it would just get easier. It has also taught me a few lessons on work ethics. Never procrastinate, always be prepared early or at the very least ontime, set yourself up for success, and prepare for unexpected issues along the way. In addition, iv learned how to conduct myself in a professional manor and to always be confident in who I am.


The chance to attend college has had numerous positive impacts on my life. I have been given the opportunity to explore two different environmental research projects, which allowed me to experience direct research and application in the field of biology. My education has given me a greater understanding of our global society and the ability to view our society in a variety of contexts. This has led me to a greater understanding of myself and how I relate to the world around me. It has allowed me to grow as an individual. It has made me a more compassionate citizen. These educational and life-lessons are invaluable, but, most importantly, my education has given me a strong base from which to continuing exploring myself and my abilities with confidence.


I have obtained a wonderful sense of pride not only in my education, but in the school I attended. Bowling Green State University was a home for me, and if life events hadn't pulled me away I would have stayed there forever. It was an encouraging environment and allowed me to prove to myself that I am a strong woman who can succeed. I never thought of myself in the way, and that is one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I now feel extremely passionate about education and feel it is the catalyst to all great thing in this lfe.


The best advice that I would give to myself is to not get caught up in finally being in college. The classes only get harder and harder so take advantage of the fact that for the most part, first semester classes are not that difficult. Hone your study skills that you started to learn in high school and take advantage of every academic program that you can. Do not get caught up in the fun of starting college. Have fun, but make academics a priority as well. I would also tell myself to participate in intramurals. That is one of my biggest regrets of my first year as well.


Any thoughts on college and where you want to go? College will be stressful, but is the best investment you can make in life. It?s okay if you don't know what career to choose yet. After taking classes for a semester or so, you will most definitely know what you have a passion for. Please, don?t wait until the last second to search and apply for as many scholarships as you can. Remember, aid is out there for those who are persistent enough to seek it. So be the seeker! Also, work hard during the summer to save up. You will be thankful when graduation comes. There also are many organizations on campus you can be involved in. That?s when the learning and life experiences really begins. Get involved early too and you will be surprised about how many lifelong friends you will make. Plus, you?ll gain leadership experience and it looks good on your resume. Most importantly, remember to break out of your shell and have fun. Attending college will be the one of the best decisions you make in life. Being the first to go and actually graduating will be worth it too.


I would stress the importance of education, responsibility, and always planning things ahead of time. Having many different options for my future, whether for further education, for jobs because you never know what may occur in life, things change, mindsets change and what I may consider or plan today may change today, so it's important to have secondary plans just in case the first one doesn't work out. I would also warn myself not to be slothful in starting and completing classes and home work because unlike high school, in college it's not free education so time is very precious and your success is based on your work, effort, focus, and careful use of your time. I would also encourage myself to spend and save my money responsibly because college includes application fees, tuition, book expenses, room and board, dining, and other costs and it would be wise that I would watch how I spend money and what I spend it. Lastly I would encourage myself to try and achieve everything that I strive for, because is discouraging when time has passed and you look back wishing there were more things you could have accomplished in life.


If I could meet myself as a senior in high school, I would, after the initial shock, have some advice to share with my former self. Aside from the obvious advice, warning that things would change quickly after graduation, I would advise myself to be more motivated to explore my interests and strengths, making room for mistakes, because even though college is a good place for exploration, it can also be a place of discouragement and the crushing of dreams. Getting good grades is one thing but finding your passion is quite another. Be aware and appreciative for what you have at home, from the important like family and friends, to the insignificant like private bathrooms and home cooked meals. Once you?ve stepped off the stage at graduation, you?ve stepped onto an emotional rollercoaster that may not end for four to six years. Colleges aren?t perfect, and even being at your first choice of schools won?t make you happy everyday. Listen when others tell you to get involved and do it. You?re going to learn to think and many aspects of your personality will be stretched so far that it hurts, but keep going.


I would tell myself to beleived in myself and feel you can do anything and any collage would be proud to have me. I should have had more open mind about myself and looked sooner. I would tell myself to get my sports video's out right after football season to be able to receive a scholarship to play instead of walking on to a team. I would looked into more collages, I have now learned about since visiting other teams schools playing football that I never knew about its amazing, how many collages there are that I didn't know about.


If I could go back and speak to my self as a senior in high school, I would strart by saying, What you have done these last four years in high school will have or should have perpared you for college life. College is hard work and dedication. You really find your self as a person in college because it is up to you to make the choice and the decision to succeed in life . High school is just an honor recongination we recieve but we have our parents, families and friends to thank for helping us receive our diploma but in College it is all up to you and you along, You have to discipline yourself and make sacrifices in order to succeed in life. You may have to give up partying or hanging with your friends to study for test or write a paper but at the end the award is a GREAT accomplishment.


Were I to travel back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the conversation would go something like this: ?Whoa! Who are you?? ?I?m you from the future.? ?The future?? ?Yes, and I?m here to give you some advise.? ?Advice about what?? ?Well, your getting ready to go to college soon, right?? ?Yeah, so.? ?Well, take my word for it. You?re not ready. Take some time off. Get a job. Think about what you really want to do. Don?t worry about what everyone expects you to do. The most important thing is to wait until you?re ready.? ?What?s that suppose to mean.? ?Trust me. You?ll know.? Knowing me as a teenager, I probably wouldn?t listen (not even to myself) and do what I originally did anyway and be exactly where I am now. Not that I?m unhappy with the way things worked out, but it would have been easier if I had taken a little time and saved myself a year or two. Anyway, now I?m ready to go back to school and try new things; to start over again. I know I?m ready.


I would love to go back in time to talk to myself. I graduated from High School in 2005, and entered BGSU in 2005 wiith Dietetics as my declared major. I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian but I didn?t think I could complete all of the requirements. So, I change my major. In 2008 I graduated from BGSU with a B.S. in Chemistry. I went back because I still want to be an RD, so I am currently attending BGSU pursuing a B.S. in Dietetics. I would tell myself to forget about the time, work or cost to get my degree but pursue and don't look back. I wanted to get done with college so fast I picked a less time consuming degree without thinking about my future . I would advise myself about budgeting and time management. I neglected to use my financial aid wisely and picked socializing over studying, leaving me with debt and low G.P.A. I would tell myself not to take out loans that is not needed and get a job instead. I've learned so much despite my mistakes but it has helped me become who I am.


When deciding what advice I would give my high school self based on the knowledge I know now, I first considered things like making friends and adjusting to schoolwork and dorm life. However, I had already heard so much advice on such topics during my senior year that those aspects of my transition to college went rather smoothly. Then, I remembered one piece of advice I did not receive as a senior: Never forget the importance of your family. As a young person, I feel it is extremely easy to become so involved with school, peers, and activities that we lose the significance of our families. In high school, I saw my famliy every day, but never took complete advantage of the time I had with them. Now, I live full time in the town where I attend school, and my family lives over two hours away. Because I rarely get to visit my parents and younger brother, I truly understand how much they mean to me and what an impact they have on my life. I wish I had realized it sooner, so I could have kept my family even closer to me from the moment I began college.


Looking back now, I honestly don't know if I would change anything, the butterfly effect and all. But if I could change anything and still be where I am now I'd have to say my first year would be changed the most. I've always been shy but I really kept to myself freshmen year and because of that I missed out on a lot. I made a few really close friends but even with them I never felt fully comfortable. If I would have just relaxed more and did more to be involved with people, friendships may have been stronger and more memories could have been made. Other than trying to get over being shy, I think I would warn myself about college Calculus, it's some tough stuff! And after all this has been said, I'd be sure to say that I'm on my way to something great and to just hang in there and to do my best while having a blast doing it.