Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is that sometimes your favorite professors get laid off because of financial reasons. However our president would still get a pay raise.


The dorms,cost of tuition,food,on campus transportation, enrolling in classes


The most fustrating thing about my school is that for students that have parking passes, we have to park in a lot that is nowhere near the dorms or classes where you attend.


The most frustrating thing about Bowling Green State University is the sidewalk routes. Many of the sidewalks force students to walk a little bit farther out of the way to travel along the paths. Students at BGSU have been known to create their own pathways to get to their destinations in a more timely fashion. Occasionally these paths are paved after the university fails to grow grass, but mostly they become muddy messes. The pathways are windings and pretty, but not overly helpful.




The most frustrating thing is the meal plan. It is set up so that there are three different accounts on the meal plan and you can only use one form at certain dining halls at certain times. It is very confusing and annoying.


They did not have Master's degree program to suit my needs at the time. I was looking into continuing my education at BGSU and they said I was looking for a more hands-on program which they did not offer at the time. I am otherwise satisfied with the education I received from BGSU.


There is only one lab with Fina Cut Pro. Many times that one lab has a class going on. This makes it difficult to work on video projects outside of lab time.


The most frustrating thing about school is when all of my exams are in the same week or when I have papers due for every class within a week.


The most frustrating thing about school is that some of the professors talk to fast or have foreign accents. When you are struggling to grasp a concept and you can barely understand what they are saying to explain it to you, it can be quite frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about bowling green is how much money it costs and getting all the money you need to stay in school is quite a task.


The most frustrating thing about Bowling Green can be the dining hours on the weekends. Many places close early and many food items do not get restocked until Monday. Thus, one may have to travel someplace else on campus that does not close until later. Also, it can get really cold and windy during the winter time.


The financial aid office usually is really frustrating to deal with moreso than trying to get all the classes you need to register for.


The most fraustrating thing to me when I get a grade I though would be better. That only drives me to do a step more so that cannot happen again.


BGSU is a 4 year university that stresses the importance of being "green" and liberal minded, this only bothers me because my personal political views tend to be a little more conservative.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is not getting the help I need from the finanical aide office. They seem to give the run around and often overcharge and add on extra fees. When you call them to dispute things they make you hold and wait forever. They do not seem to have the students best interest in mind.


there is not enough diversity. Minorities have a hard time adjusting to the environment because there are not things suitable for them. i.e. hair shops, clothing stores...etc.


Our internet


Have to have a meal plan and live on campus for the first two years, that can be frustrating, especially if money is tight. There's been a lot of construction lately which means change, but it's sort of annoying when trying to sleep at night and there are late night deliveries from loud trucks.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the finances. I tend so tpend more time working scholarships than I do working on my classwork. I still find the time, though, for my academic workload, but its frustrating to struggle through multiple scholarships before I can even set the pen to the paper for my classwork I received earlier that day.


Intelligent instructors but mostly taught by TA's who may or may not speak english, which hinders my ability to learn. Interesting habits of floormates playing loud (bad) music at all hours of the morning and night.


Getting through the red tape of getting things done for student organizations by administration


The most frusterating thing about BGSU was dealing with the bureaucracy. However, I believe the same would be true of any state school; it's the nature of the best, not something exclusive to BGSU.


The most frusturating thing about Bowling Green State University is its inassessibility to many things without a car. I do not have a car on campus and so it is difficult to get to a mall, movie, off campus, bank, off campus grocery store, or a quick run to a local convienant store. Although they do offer a bus route it does not travel far beyond campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the meal plan and the requirement to live on campus for two years. My school needs to offer more choices for amount of the meal plan. I cannot afford to spend so much money on overpriced food on campus. I would much rather have a smaller meal plan and have the rest of the money for food that I actually wan to buy. Also, living on campus is much more expensive than living off campus. I think it is unnecessary for every student to have to live on campus for two years.


There are so many Christian Conservatives who don't think beyond what mommy and daddy taught them.


The campus is not very close to a decent mall.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it tends to lean only one way when it comes to politics. For instance, for this presidential election the school was almost entirely pro-Obama and it seemed that if you were not for Obama that you were an outcast in most public circles. Luckily among my friends this was not the case, but for some fraternities and sororities I noticed that it was. Also some of the Greek associated fraternities and sororites seem, at least to me, to be almost cult-like in nature.


It's boring and set in it's ways.


The thing that I found most frustrating was the rooming assignments, and how they only ask like 10 questions that are really basic and everyone probably answers the same way because they do not go into much detail! And then when you come to school you are paired with some who is a total opposite of you! That is what happened to me!


its really challenging


The weather sometimes. Also some of the teachers especially in the math department. Our curriculum is a bit too extensive I think also






I believe that the requirements for financial aid are a little ridiculous. My parents make just enough money that I do not receive any financial aid. I have to help my parents pay for my education and therefore work while attending school which puts a lot of pressure on me to be able to pay for all that I do.