Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about BGSU is the feeling of being a student there. At BGSU we are like a family and we are a smaller community. I love how everybody is so kind and welcoming. I am a freshman this year and I already feel like this is my home, well it is, but not my hometown, but even when I first came to BG I knew I would love being here.


I think the best thing about BGSU is the amount of pride and school spirit. You can't go anywhere on campus without seeing someone completely decked out in brown and orange. We have spirit signs posted everywhere, our mascots walking around all day, and there's always something going on around campus. And the school spirit doesn't just stay in college...our alum are some of the most spirited alum ever. My brother-in-law went to BGSU and he is the biggest Falcon Fanatic you will ever meet! (He even considered naming his child Ziggy...!)


Bowling Green State University is an awesome university. There are many things that can be considered pretty great about the University. The main thing that can be considered the best is that they have an awesome education program. They try to get thier students into the field early so that they students can make sure that being a teacher is what they want to do. Also the education program is taylored for each area so that students can graduate with all the credits they need. They also make sure students have all the skills they will need for the future,


The size of Bowling Green is absolutely perfect. You really cannot beat going to a Division I school while being able to walk from one side of campus to the other in 15 minutes or less. It gives you the big school atmmosphere while making you feel at home in the BG family. Also being at a top division school gives many different opportunities to help boost your career or ust get it started off on the right foot. The size and atmosphere of BGSU is tough to beat.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of my nschhol. Everyone is very friendly and it's a very non-judgemental enviroment


The individual assistance made available to freshman to assist in the transformation from dependent living to independent living. Being the youngest in my family all business affairs regarding my academics were handled by my mother and my only concern was my grades. However, being in college away from home and mom I am now required to handle my own business and having someone to assist me in matters I'm unfamiliar with is a great comfort.


BGSU has a very diverse campus in both size and student demographics. This years incoming freshmen class was the most diverse in BGSU's history! With just over 17% coming from minority groups. In relation to size, BGSU offers a big campus feel, however; it's small enough to become familiar quickly and keep everything within walking distance.


The church that I go to is definitely the best thing about my school. It is called H2O and is a campus based church. It is a great community and it really helps with new students to meet friends and to get involved in the community.


Many of the proffesors here love their jobs and it shows as they teach the classes.


Their staff and the helpfulness of said staff.


The people. Met my two best friends here at BG


Being able to talk talk to other students online and being able to communicate with my professors whenever I need them. I have a great roommate who has the same morals as me. The classes that I have are going to help me in my major. My advisor has helped with my selection of classes next year.


The best thing about Bowling Green is that it is teh sense of community and/or belonging. There are so many activites one can participate it and meet new people.Also, the school is not too big and not to small. When you really put yourself out there, you have the opportunity to network and make friends with a lot of people. Finally, everything you really need is on campus and the shuttle bus makes them easier to get to.


The friendships I've made at BGSU are going to last long after I've graduated. The friends at this school are some of the greatest people I've ever met and they're what makes this school so great.


I would consider the best thing about my school is the ability to make friends, and socialize. The profs care about your success, and are there to help you outside of class if needed.


I consider Bowling Green's campus size as its' best feature. Bowling Green campus is not so big that it takes a half an hour to get from one class to another, but not so small that all the classes are in a few buildings. The campus gives comfort to students who lived in a small town, and also give them an oppotunity to live in a larger community.


They are known for their Education Dept.-my area of degree. Easy to get to, and easy to find your way around campus.


The attention that the professors give their students and their willingness to help them in anyway.


I think the best thing about my school are the students. The students I have met are outgoing and fun but still take school seriously. They don't worry too much about academics althought they still care and want to do well. They seem to have a good balance of fun and work which is important to me.


The music program. The professors are all distinguished performers andholf the highest regards in their field. They are personable, practical, kind , caring and almost parent-like. They are the only professors I have had that help their students no matter what the problem. Other programs I have encountered have not led on to that connection with their students.


The people and faculty are extremely friendly and open-minded.


Small class because you get more one on one time with the teachers.


There is always something to do that is affordable. I never felt like I had to spend a lot of money to enjoy my college experience. There are free on campus movies and all the athletic games are free admission for all students. You don't have to have a car to get downtown for the night life. It is pretty close to campus so you can just walk to and from or there is a 2-ride system that will pick you up and take you where you need to go for a small fee.


Excellent floor dorm-mates with an amazing RA. Interesting courses with focused instruction. Lectures are basic but set up to interest students. Labs are very hands on and tell a student if this is the field for them or not very quickly.


The openness of the campus. It is a large campus but it is beautiful.


There is a decent population of individuals including students and professors and campus activities.


the best thing about my school is the learning environment. Most of the teacher I have had has been willing to assisst me in any way shape form or fashion.


It is known for it's education program


The surrounding community and affordability are huge plusses. It is a small town atmosphere where the individuals are genuinely concerned about those around them.


I only have two more years here.


The faculty and staff are extremely helpful at BGSU. My academic advisor for my first 5 semesters of college was absolutely fantastic and willing to help me at any cost.


The education depart allows for much experience in the field. I feel comfortable applying for a job with the opprotunities I have been given.


Every thing is right there on campus. There is always a club or an organization to join, and the people are really friendly.


It's a small-community school where everyone knows everyone.


It's very easy to meet people. I really enjoy having fun and being social, and this school provides many outlets for that. If you're into partying, there is more than enough of that. If you have a particular interest they have so many clubs of people that share that interest. And if you're a very spiritual person they have a wide variety of religious groups with people of similar faiths that you can get to know and become good friends with.


The people. I enjoy the friends that I have met.


The best thing about this school is that it offers a variety of majors which is helpful for those people who are unsure about want they want to be.


They're always upgrading something or building something new, it show's that they're looking towards the future


The best thing about my school experience was definatly the friends that I have made mixed with the knowledge attained from the facutly at BGSU. I also got the chance to meet some of the guest speakers that have made it big in my area of study. Those are the kind of experiences that are simply priceless.


I love how close it is to my hometown. It is far enough away that I am able to be at college and do my own thing, but if I choose to go home on the weekends I could do that as well.


I am a student that commutes, but this does not make me feel out of place at all.