Bradley University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are mostly from the Chicago area, we have a few from different states and even fewer from different countries. Everyone is open minded and really nice.


A lot of them are very set in their ways and use their voice to speak their minds. Sometimes, they don't consider their words and how it affects others, but a good chunk of the people know how to respectfully voice their opinions. Students tend to get very judgmental too, which should be brought down a notch cause it makes things a bit crazy, but it's only natural for people to judge. Otherwise, students are nice and willing to help in what way they can.


Very intelligent, but mostly from high income families.


Well behaved group and willing to learn the material and succeed.


My class mates are just like me looking for a more personal experience in learning and the close interaction that Bradley allows.


So far at Bradley, my classmates have been divese and each unique.


In a typical class at Bradley University my classmates are ery diverse. Everyone has come from a different walk of life and has many dfferent experiences. Almost all students are here to learn an the students who aren't are weaved out very quickly. Classmates are usually engaging with the pofessor and willing to ask many questions. Alot of classes are very difficult and classmates typically form groups to help with the workload.


A group of friendly and intellegent people.


Classmates at Bradley University are warm, inviting, friendly, talkative and your future friends!


My classmates became the highest class of African-American students that enrolled at Bradley University that year, 1986, in the school's history.


My classmates are friendly and helpful and get along pretty well with eachother and their professors.


My classmates are the most fun and diverse group of people I've met so far.


THe are fun and engaging they all are a lot of fun when you get to know tem.


Typical college students who, although they do work hard, like to party hard too.


Some were there to socialize with friends they only see because of that class, but most are there to pay attention to the material being presented.


My class my are very attentive and engaged in the professor every move.


I'm a Health Science major, so most of my classmates are middle or upperclass good looking white chicks who are fun to hang out with and date.


Friendly and ready to help with any problems that you have.




The students are intelligent, but don't use it as well as they could.


My classmates are helpful, fun people who enjoy hanging out, working together to complete assignments and studying together.


My classmates at Bradley were very friendly and engaged.


My classmates are excited to learn new material and engage in discussion about the topic at hand.


Bradley is very laid back and very diverse.


Bradley's student body is very diverse. Although there are predominantly "white" sororities/fraternities and predominantly "African American" sororities/fraternities, but they don't interact with one another. There are also a lot of Christian/ religious student groups on campus, which can be overwhelming if you aren't Christian. But the Jewish student group, Hillel, is also big on campus too. Most students don't really dress up for class. Jeans are the prerequisite attire or even pajamas, if you're feeling lazy. Most Bradley students come from Chicago/ Chicago suburbs or St. Louis/St. Louis suburbs. Most students are middle class. There are a ton of political student groups that are very active on campus. It's a very liberal campus, it seems like, though.


Someone who is antisocial might have a challenge adjusting to the university. I found that when I came, I was concerned about how trusting I could be of people. But I 've adjusted quite well and simply. It is amazing to me just how much stuff was happening on campus. There was no end to it.


heavily white, and heavily segregated. most students don't dress pretentiously or sloppily, just an average somewhere in the middle. Most BU students are from the suburbs of Chicago, but there are a handful of small town or out of state students.


lots of diversity, mainly just normal average kids


Most people seem to be middle and upper middle class, there are a few really wealthy families. Everyone is really friendly and nice. It definitley has a small school feel. Its predominantly white so if your a student of color and you want diversity in your campus; DON'T come here. But I'm a student of color and even though at times I'm the only one in my class who isn't white, I barely notice it. It bothers some people more than others. But then again I went to school in the white suburbs.


In general Bradley is made up of Caucasian students, but everyone is accepted and everyones beliefs are accepted equally. To class we wear pj's, sweats or jeans and a hoodie on most days making it really easy to get ready for class.


unfortunately, there is a sort of segregated feel to bradley... i have black friends but in general you don't see a lot of racial mix... and the indians always keep to themselves. most kids wear casual stuff... very few ppl dress up... sweats are common... t-shirts... almost all kids are from chicago SUBURBS or st. louis.... lots of cubs and cards fans (i'm a sox fan) not a whole lot of politics... in my experience, most people are rather conservative, but i am a super liberal... and there are recycling bins in almost every building that students take to the recycling centers...


They're college kids. We are the 7th most politically apathetic campus in America currently. That should give you an idea.


Cares about nothing. What student involvement there is in activist groups or student government is listless at best. Most of the students tend to be upper-middle class white people intent on becoming yuppies.


Most students I know are from the suburbs and from Central Illionois.


Mainly composed of middle class from the suburbs of Chicago and Saint Louis and central Illinois smaller towns. Most everyone is willing to help another student.


Ha, LGBT? Yeah, one of the guys down the hall from me is gay and I think this other guy across the hall might be too. It's pretty awkward but I never hang out with him anyway since he drinks regularly and we don't really share interests. [Like he drinks] Religious... Yeah, we have a chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ and I heard there's a chapter of Campus Crusade for Cthulu too, but I'm not sure if we have an official atheist union / group / club / secret society, so ... I dunno. And if you walk through the student center daily, at some point you will be asked whether you're going to Heaven. I've always wanted to just blurt out, "LOL NO", so if you're planning on doing that, call me ahead of time to video it. There's a Christian frat that's not an official IFCU or whatever, and apparently they have a hammock. There are four tables in the dining hall? O_o? Most students don't care or talk about politics, but it seems like a lot of people like Barack Obama.


The one thing I noticed most was that so many people I met at Bradley were Jewish. I went to an all Catholic high school so I never realized how many Jewish people there were! Bradley is somewhat diverse, but the majority of students are white, middle class. However, a minority would not feel out of place at Bradley at all. I love being able to wear my pajamas to class... and looking around and seeing half of the class dressed the same.


Most students wear clothes to class, but there are a couple of people who run around naked... Nah...most people dress comfortably depending on the weather. I read in the school newspaper that Bradley is one of the most politically apathetic colleges. I honestly don't know, though. My roommate claims that she's one of the few Republicans on campus. I don't have a clear view of Bradley's overall political stance. I'm also not aware of other peoples' financial backgrounds. It's just not something that comes up in conversation. Bradley does have some diversity, but there are definitely more diverse colleges out there. I'm not sure of the percentages or anything. Different students do interact with each other. Nobody seems to have a problem overcoming racial, religious, etc. differences.


Bradley has a great student body!!! We are diverse and yet accepting of eachother. Freshman year was great because I had met so many different people. At Bradley we have a wide variety of people, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Peurto Ricans, Asians, Indians, Arabians, Polish, Hawaiians, Catholics, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and so on. I had never been exposed to this much diversity in a school setting before and I had a blast getting to learn about new cultures and religions. I truly believe that anyone could come to Bradley and find their place within. Bradley students are your typical students. We are lazy and the majority of us dress like bums to class on a daily basis. Although you will see many of the upper classmen in suits and ties for interships and jobs, the nursing students in scrubs, on Tuesday many of the sororities and fraternities are required to dress up in buisness attire, and you can always tell a Bradley athlete because they are usualy wearing either Red or Grey. Over the past year I've come to find that the majority of students that attend bradley come from 3 major areas including Chicago, St. Louis, and The Quad cities (near Iowa). But Bradley is not limited to these areas. I've met people from Puerto Rico, California, Hawaii, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennesse, Alaska, and plenty of other states. I would say Bradley students are politically aware. Where you find educated people, I believe you find people that know about politics. I wouldn't say if Bradley sways a certain way on the political spectrum, but you will find that politics is always a topic of dicussion. I believe that Bradley is a great school today, and I am excited for its future as well. Our Student Senate is doing an awesome job on improving the campus. I've already seen a few changes including the remodeling of lounges and the replacment and addition of campus lighting and I have heard of future plans for a new student center and have taken numerous surveys on what the school can do to better it for students.


Most Bradley students are from either the Chicago area, small Illinois towns, or the St. Louis area. There are a few students who come from further away. There are a LOT of comuter students. Racial groups mix little on Bradley campus. White students are definitely a large majority. Minority students have many exclusive groups (clubs and Greek organizations). I feel like they get a lot of unfair special treatment and do not mix with white students by choice. Bradley students come from a lot of different financial backgrounds due to Bradley's generous financial aid department. Most students are not very politically active. The student body as a whole is pretty apathetic.


LGBT students are very underrepresented, but I haven't witnessed any violence or even hatred towards the few I know. As for race, there are few Hispanics and few Asians, a good number of African Americans who all seem to stick together all the time, and the majority of the campus is white. Almost everyone at Bradley is from the Chicago area. St. Louis is also represented. The rest of mostly from small farm towns throughout Illinois and other neighboring states. The clothes worn to class vary by major. In humanity or science classes wearing pajamas is not uncommon, especially around tests. On the business side of campus, people try to dress nicer.


Most of Bradley is white and is from the suburbs of Chicago. The other two major groups of people tend to be African Americans and Middle Easterners. From what I've come across, the three major groupings of people don't tend to interact unless it's for a class project. Bradley doesn't seem to be too religious or too political. Most of the students come from middle to upper middle class families, which shouldn't be surprising due to the tuition costs.


Don't really care about anything unless it effects them directly.


The student body can be classified into two groups: students in a sorority/frat and students who aren't.


I have no real ties to any government or religious groups. Most students wear casual clothing to class with the exception being the students that work. Most students come from wealthy backgrounds.


Bradley's a fairly diverse place, but the majority of students are from the Chicago-land area or the Peoria area. I've met tons of different people. There are all kinds at Bradley, you just have to go seek them out.


The Student body is very casual. Most people mainly where whatever they feel like. A lot of people tend to wear sweat pants to class or just jeans and a shirt. You will also see a lot of people dressed formally for internships or interviews. The only way a person would feel out of place would be if they were not involved, which is hard to do unless you never leave your room. All students interact with one another and though they live in different dorms or are involved in other organizations most people make a point to get to know and interact with students they do not know.


While there is diversity at Bradley, it is a predominately white campus. The administration recognizes this as a not-so-good statistic and they are making it a priority to incorporate more diversity on campus. In class, students basically wear whatever they want. Some are perfectly comfortable rolling out of bed and coming to class with messy hair in their pajamas. Most wear t-shirts and blue jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater when it is colder. Sadly, Bradley is pretty apathetic. There are political organizations on campus and a student senate, but most students do not care too much about them. There are students who are very politically active if you want to find a group to socialize with.


Student Body is great.


The dress of the students to class ranges from sweatpants and t-shirts to dress up clothes. It just depends on what that student felt like wearing that morning. Most of the student body is from Illinois and it's surrounding states. But I have a few friends from Nevada, Arizona, and California. Students are definitely politically aware. There is a student senate and also Democratic and Republican organizations. I would say that every student on campus is in at least one organization on campus - whether that be Greek or just something that interests them - we get involved!

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