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What caught my eye about Braldey was that it was a medium sized campus. It had all the features of a campus setting except it felt more close knit than a larger university. I like the fact that it is only about a five minute walk across campus. I really liked the friendly vibe on campus. Bradley felt more lively and more welcoming than the other universities I visited. Bradley was the only university where the tour guides bragged about how close of a community Bradley was, and that it was truly a home away from home.


Bradley is a close-knit community, and everyone is willing to help each other out. Classmates, friends, professors, RAs, etc are all there to help you at all times if needed. It is the perfect size to be continually seeing people you know while still meeting new people all the time.


It's small class sizes, accesbility to professors, and it really is a bonded community. Also, financial aid was the best out of all the schools I applied to.


Its a small campus but has enough kids to not feel like your in high school, but not to many that you are just a number.


Great financial aid. Good facilities for a small school. Very close environment


Something unique about my school is that it is a small campus. Therefore the students get more individual help with the teachers and academic advisors. And you pretty much know most students who attend the school.


It claims to be "middle sized", meaning it has all that a bigger school offers, but with the individuality and one-on-oneness of a smaller college and I would have to agree with them on that counrt.


Was closer than the other school.


Size, Class Sizes, Finanacial Aid offered, overall campus culutue, small, private, non-religion based...


It is located in the third largest city in Illinois (Peoria), yet it offers a very family-like atmosphere.


Students at Bradley tell us their 10 favorite things about Bradley - comedically.


Bradley is a great school in a perfect package. My only regret is that I didn't get to study abroad during my time at Bradley but I got to do it after I graduated anyways. Greek life is a big deal although there are rumors that the administration is trying to slowly get rid of it altogether. There are also rumors that the administration is trying to turn Bradley into a "dry campus" where any drinking would be prohibited. But while sororities/fraternities are on campus, this will never happen.




I transfered here from a school in Florida and I felt welcome the minute I stepped on campus for a tour. It's a great place to be and it's the best decision I've made so far.


Look at everything else. If I were to start over, I would go to a state school. Bradley's reputation is not worth the extra money you will spend. Also, make sure you do a semester abroad. It is usually cheaper than a semester at Bradley, with the exception of a some of the Larger cities. Again- I think my email will appear on here. Email me with any other questions.


If you're considering touring Bradley, think about this: the students that show you around the university are paid to do so. Conflict of interest? Maybe. My advice is to find a willing student who's not wearing a name tag and ask them a few questions. You'll get a clearer picture from another angle.


IF YOU GO TO BRADLEY AND YOU DON'T DRINK, YOU WILL HAVE NO FRIENDS AND NO SEX! I just felt like saying that. There may be extenuating circumstances in my case though.


Overall I love Bradley to death. I'm so happy with my decision to come here although as far as academics for my freshman year I wish I would have had a little better guidance and not taken on such a load. If there is one things to really complain about, its TAP. A.k.a. the Task Force. The task force are state police whose only joy in life is to screw you. They have certains dates that they notify the school that they will be in town but they also may show up randomly whenever they please. When you hear they're in town, the best choice is to hit up blockbuster and just stay in. Sometime they are undercover sometimes not. They look for parties or drive around and look for drunk drivers and I've also heard of them stopping kids on the street. They are looking for those underage drinkers. And if you've had but a sip, they will slap you with a $425 drinking ticket. Yea thanks. And even if you have not had a sip of anything alcoholic, but are in the presence as a minor, you do run the risk of a premicise ticket which I believe is somewhere in the 200's. I know they are out to protect us and are technically looking out for our best interests, but really, it's a little rediculous. The Bradley University police do a fine job of this. One other thing I would like to mention is safety. This year I have never felt threatened or unsafe while walking anywhere on campus or even across to campus town. Police are constantly patrolling on bike or in cars. Bradley also has the blue emergency poles which are easy to spot and i've seen them in action. The University police are quick to respond. Also with the new lighting project taking place, the lighting at night is way better than before which really makes me feel better about walking home late when it's dark from the library or a friends. In the begining of the year the freshman are given whistles in case of emergency, and I took the extra step and bought myself a pepper spray for my key chain. College was a big adjustment, but Peoria and Bradley are now my home.


Underage drinking will probably become more and more difficult since the tickets are extremely expensive in Peoria and the new president is starting a new set of rules about drinking that are very strict. I personally think it's a little too strong. They're just going to force kids to hide their drinking more, and when they do it's going to be more and more irresponsible. Overall, I love Bradley. It's a great school and a great place to spend your college years.


I love Bradley. I had some problems Freshman year - questioning if I made the right choice about Bradley as opposed to a school closer to home. I've since learned that that's pretty typical thinking for Freshmans. Since then, I've come to love Bradley. It's an amazing school with great teachers and awesome academics. The only thing that bothers me about Bradley is its location - Peoria. I absolutely hate Peoria. It's a run down town with a downtown in which I don't feel safe.


Bradley is a great school, but the decision making is leaving out the freedom of choice. We don't need faculty to make decisions for us.


Disregard anything about how campus life and drinking can be negatively portrayed. A few accidents have occurred at Bradley University that have resulted in the deaths of two students. This is becoming more of a political move rather than a safety move. Students at every college will party and when alcohol is involved accidents can happen. Since Bradley is located in Peoria and is very close to some large attractions, it is just more likely that accidents will occur. Know your limits but dont be too scared to go have some fun.


I love my time at BU and wouldn't hand back a moment of it!


Bradley focuses mainly on freshman students or those who live in the dorms. If you transfer then you kind of get left out unless you make yourself get involved, once you do its worth it.


Bradley is great, but should be better.


i love bradley


Decent school, not the best. Will be different environment if coming from a diverse city.


Right now the Bradley administration is trying to abolish alcohol misuse and abuse (the underage drinking). Honestly, you cannot stop the underage drinking. If people want to drink, they will. Bradley implemented and extra fine with extra consequences if you receive drinking tickets at school. The only deterant that Bradley has is monitary fine since students usually don't have a lot of money to start with.


Watch out for task force, they are undercover cops that pose as students to break into houses and stop parties, they will ticket everyone and I doubt you have $400 to give to the city (willingly). Our new alcohol policy is very strict so watch out, you can check it out at The greek life is award winning and AMAZING. I won't say which house I am in but I highly recomend especially for men to go through rush, its informal and you will get loads of fun from going greek. Bradley is a non hazing school so don't let movie sterotypes detour you


It's an okay school. I'm not a very social person, I don't listen to top 40 music, and I don't drink, so I feel a little alienated, but I do still have friends within my major. If you really want a competative, ivy league, "classic" college experience, you won't find it here. But if you're just looking for a place to get your 4 years out that has a good reputation and a wonderful staff, you've found the place for you.


I think the best part about Bradley is its size and location. There aren't many mid-sized, non-denominational, liberal arts schools in a good, mid-sized city. I think that's what sets Bradley apart from other places and is what drew me to it.


One thing I never liked with Bradley: the internet isn't so hot. Web browsing and such... just fine, but file downloads and gaming are simply kaput. If you play WoW, that seems to work, but any other multiplayers lag so bad it's hard to play. Find friends to play on a LAN, other than that you're going to have to deal with it for two years if you're a gamer.


Come and visit and we'll show you a good time. :)


Don't get drunk and play with fireworks - you might just kill your friend. But hey, you'll only get 6 months in jail.




I love Bradley University.

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