Bradley University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


These stereotypes are not accurate.


No, it's the exact opposite and we excel in things like Engineering, Debate, etc.


yes, the only thing that there is to really do is go to parties


Only in isloated cases


While many of the students are from the suburbs and of a Caucasion background, this generalization is simply not an accurate representation of the student body as a whole, which has proven to be diverse and interesting.


the positive ones yes, negative ones a smidge


All those stereotypes are inaccurate. Bradley has a wide variety of students coming from different backgrounds and different socioeconomical statuses. And no not all Greek members live in ANIMAL HOUSE. Last year the greek community raised over $50,000 and performed over 500 hours of community service.


Yes, but if people wanna get involved and they definitely can. And people can avoid cliques if they put the effort, BU even though its not a huge school ar 6,000 u can avoid people easily, and meet new people too.


No, not everyone chooses to join a greek house and there are many other non-greek organizations and activities. Also, there is not a certain "type" of person for each fraternity/sorority, nor a certain "type" of person that joins.


Partcially most of the students are involved in the greek life.


lots of ppl at bradley do have money, but ppl go to class in PJ's, they don't wear brand names like gucci or anything. t-shirts and jeans are the norm.


Like everything, there is no simple answer to that question. Contact me if you want to know more.


These are incredibly accurate.


I can address both stereotypes at the same time because both are inaccurate. There is such a great mixture of students and backgrounds (political, religious, cultural, etc.) that it is impossible to say that everyone who going there is a liberal city/suburb kid. It is just not the case.


Not really. Campus and the surrounding 15 miles of peoria offers more then meets the eye, and definitely enough to keep a student occupied.


Yeah, everybody else is from really big cities.


For the most part, the students that attend Bradley are smart. And yes there are alot of parties.


I don't think any stereotype is accurate. In the case of this specific stereotype, there are haughty people every college.


some are some aren't


Over the course of freshman year I did meet quiet a few people to whom money was no object. But I also met many that were at Bradley because of scholarships they had recieved and without these scholarships would not be able to attend the university because of financial restrictions. Bradley has a very diverse community of students and many organizations and clubs that support the different groups on campus. As far as being snotty, you'll find those kind of people no matter where you are.


I would say this is very true.


No. Bradley offers a lot of financial aid, in my case making in more affordable than a state school. Bradley students come from all different financial backgrounds.


No, though a large portion of Bradley students are on the wealthier side.


From what I've come across, yes. Com majors seem to have it pretty easy and Greek life is everywhere and sometimes it bothers people like me who are not interested in that sort of lifestyle.


Some are at times




Yes and no, while Bradley does have a strong engineering background, the college offers many majors. Every person is unique and no matter what you major in you will be surrounded by people you like.


they are somewhat true, but not totally. There are a lot of stupid, snobby kids, but there are a ton of cool people around as well. There may not be a lot to do in Peoria, but the University has a lot to offer.


Bradley's definitely a family-like atmosphere. I graduated in May 2008 and I loved it there, especially this aspect. Bradley is in a questionable neighborhood, but that just means that if you use your head, you'll be fine. I was always responsible and never had any problems. The students are often apathetic or feel powerless to change their world, but not everybody.


This stereotype is not accurate. Granted there are those who fit the stereotype however most students are down to earth and not rich. Bradley being a private school offers lots of scholarships and grants which most students attending Bradley have.


Kind of. We do have rich, snobby, spoiled kids from Chicago, but there are also poor, humble, kids from other parts of the country. Probably a majority of our students are from the Chicago area, but we also have many students from other parts of the country, as well as international students.




Not completely. We definitely do have our fair share of spoiled brats, but there is a good mix of students from all income levels and varying backgrounds.


No, neither of the two that I listed are accurate.






No, they are true to an extent, but as a student, I have seen people who are the complete opposite of that stereotype. I also know that Bradley is trying to push to get more out of state students then they ever have before to increase student diversity.


yes for the most part.


No, I would not be at this school without financial aid so again, its only a stereotype.




No. Sure we drink alcohol, but we also participate in multiple philanthropic events and activites that benefit various charity organizations.


Not all of them-- a lot of kids at Bradley are very middle class and not overly concerned with being stuck up or any kind of money. Bradley is a very affordable private school. It is also growing in the ranks and is becoming much tougher academically so it is completely untrue about not being as smart. It is just more affordable. Greek life is a huge part of Bradley's campus though, over 30% of the students are Greek.


somewhat...we have some really bright students, some average people, and some idiots...kinda like most schools. Everyone is involved with something and most people are involved with more than one activity/club/organization Most people come from a background with some money, but I know some people that wouldn't be classified in that category


Most students come from either St. Louis suburbs, or Chicago suburbs, and with the cost to attend Bradley Yes most do come from wealthy families, but there are many poor students that come from Chicago. Bradley students are not so preppy only a few, and you probably won't talk to them. I do believe Bradley students do well, the drop out rate is low and Bradley is well known for their department majors. Statistically Greeks don't binge drink more than the average college student, it just so happens the media attraction is to them and not to unaffiliated students.


Somewhat. We are generally apathetic politically, and there are parties, but you don't need to go to them to be content on campus.


There are a lot of people from the Chicago area, but I wouldn't necessarily classify them as preppy rich kids. I came from a small town in southern Illinois, and I have a lot of friends who aren't from the Chicago area. Bradley students are EXTREMELY apathetic toward almost everything. If they aren't directly getting something from it, they likely won't do it, and usually won't do something unless they have to. For whatever reason, there isn't a lot of emphasis on wanted to make a change with our culture or take a stance on some sort of idea. I'd classify the student body in that regard as a bunch of followers instead of instigators.


For the most part, no. We're not obnoxiously rich or anything, in fact, a good chunk of us are on loans or a scholarship.


Mostly, but there are more people than you would think that are from other states or the southern part of Illinois.




Not all of them are, but there are definitely a lot. Outside the Peoria area is a lot of farmland and this one asshole in my CIV class kept talking about how a bunch of hillbillies lived in the area. He isn't totally wrong, but the attitude he had about it was ridiculous.

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