Bradley University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The classes are great. Some of the gen. eds. you think would be easy, but there not always easy!


Class sizes are usually small...if it's in your major then usually 12-25 students per class, and you get to know the people in your major really well! There are the big lecture classes, and the biggest one that is offered is 150 people, and that's for a gen ed. called Music appreciation (it's one of the fine arts requirements) I feel that there is a great group of professors and they all seem to know you by name. I had one professor for every semester since I've been here. Ted Fleming (BIOLOGY) and he's one of the best teachers I've ever had, ever. Instructors are required to have mandatory office hours, and they are always willing to meet with you outside of class if you are having problems, or just want some extra help. We do have one professor that we are pretty sure is going to cure cancer. (Dr, Cady--neurophysiologist) Bradley has a 95% job placement rate. Obviously that will be higher for majors such as nursing, and engineering.


Small class sizes means very personable. Participation common and usually professor even knows your name. Easy to get in contact with professor.


Yes, professors know my name; favorite would have to be Accounting, but I'm just weird like that. I don't know if I really had a least favorite; everyone I know study all the time, but I never study; class participation is a big part of most of my classes; I'm sure some Bradley students have intellectual conversations; I don't really see much competitiveness between students; I suppose West Civ and Comp, since it was an honors class and year-long; Accounting is the best thing in the world. I don't know much about the department, although I love how they do have the 3-2 thingy to get a Master's; I have met with several of my professors outside of class; I suppose the requirements are standard, nothing too special or hard about the gen eds; I would say Bradley is half and half with learning for a career and learning just to learn. I think Bradley has a good balance.


You can really get to know your professors and they are easy to talk to and get a hold of when you need the help. Some teachers are tougher on their students than others and their work is harder. You learn a lot and in a good and fun manner.

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