Bradley University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If there's one thing that I brag about at Bradley University, it is that I can hop out of bed ten minutes before class and make it to my seat on time, if not earlier. One of the luxuries of attending a smaller school is that everything that you could need is within a walking distance. You have the dorms, the cafeterias, à la carte, the quaint Campustown, the park, and if necessary CityLink to take you where you need to go.


There are always so many events for Bradley students to attend, and best of all, there's usually free stuff! Something that all college students would enjoy.


I brag about the imepecable staff, and students that attend Bradley University. I have my professor's home phone number because they are willing to help me no matter the hour of day. The students on campus are so friendly and warm, as well. Bradley University is a University where no matter where you grew up, you always feel like home.


Mostly welcome week, at the beginning of the school year. It's a chance to sign up for clubs, meets tons of new people, and get free stuff!


Bradley University is a school that is well known and respected in our community. I know that by attending Bradley University I will have a better chance at obtaining a teaching job once I graduate then if I attended a different university.


How friendly the faculty is, how small the classes are, how the campus is not too big or not too small


The 3:2 program for my major. It is basically three years bachelor's, two years master's, and in five years I will graduate with both degrees. My school is strong in my area of study, and the degree will mean a lot to my future.


This school has one of the best civil engineering programs in the nation. Also, there has been 100% placement after college in the CE department for quite some time now.


my friends here


We have excellent opportunities for off campus housing.


the campus is beautiful and the people are really friendly


How many friends, how awesome it is, lots of fun, pretty easy, great teachers

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