Bradley University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish someone had told me that they "talk-up" every school you visit. The school is never as amazing as visits make it seem and DON'T believe them when they say there is more to do in college than party. If you aren't a party-person like myself, expect to be bored and viewed as an unpopular opinion.


Growing up in St. Paul, I am comfortable in diverse groups of people. Bradley University, while a very mixed and varied school, lacks alot of the diversity that I am use to back home. I'd like to see it improve, and become a more diverse place. I'd like to see more students of different colors, orientations, religions, and backgrounds. I believe diversity to by a corner stone of modern learning, and I'd like to see that improve at Bradley.


The worst thing about my school is that it is in another state and I am not able to attend classes on campus.


When looking back at my experience with Bradley, I have mostly positive memories. However, I feel as though Bradley did not provide an overall sense of community. Though there were a variety of programs available for students to connect with, it seemed very fragmented. Those that were in fraternities/sororities found their identity there, those in sports found their identity in their teams, etc. As a result, there was not a strong feeling of being a member of the Bradley University community.


The only thing that I dont like is the size of the school, it is small but not too bad. I wish it were bigger.


The thing that I consider worst about my school is the cafeteria food and the living conditions. Not only that but it is very hard to get internships or jobs.


The worst thing about Bradley is the high rate of crime. The campus police focus their attention on other aspects rather than the dramatic amounts of crime that occur on campus. Walking at campus at night is not safe and one should always be with a group of people. Recently there have been car chases, stick-ups, and muggings all on campus property, making for quite an unsafe learning enviornment.


the school isnt in the best part of town. its in downtown peoria


It is too close to my home since I grew up just six miles away.


No football team. Football brings students and a lot of school spirit.


Its a good size for classes, but it might be a little small for the social scene, even though there is plenty of parties hosted by the greek system. There is plenty to do at the school and they're introducing more sober weekend events for non-drinkers and people not associated with the greek system. Otherwise, its a great school to attend.


not in the best area of peoria. We have a high crime right just down each hill by our school.


the help you recieve from the financial aid office they tell you one thing then change it. they give you hope for being able to pay for school then tell you to find another way to pay for it they cannot help you anymore


The President's student alcohol plan is a little harsh and unrealistic for a college enviroment


I have a very difficult time saying anything is the worst at Bradley. I love my whole experience. I suppose it's more the other people. Students are just so apathetic on campus. As part of Activities Council on campus and the budge review committee for student activities, I know that we spend nearly $300,000 every year on programming for the 5,000 students attending Bradley. However, over and over again it's frustrating to see minimal attendance at these events. The apathy seeps into environmental efforts and political efforts. That's gotta be the worst thing about Bradley.


The dorms aren't great quality. Sometimes the teacher's are a little tricky to get a hold of.


It is extremely Greek Life centered and if you aren't in a fraternity or sorority you are somewhat of an outcast.


Some of the intro courses move incredibly slowly and can be extremely boring.


Some of the books in the library are slightly outdated, they could stand to be updated with more recent versions.


Bradley hasn't updated all of its residence halls. Although, the asthetics of the college are being worked on when it rains the school floods because the sidewalks weren't build correctly.


The town of Peoria's crime level


The worst thing about this school has to be the obnoxious fraternity and sororitiy folks, also... the campus food sucks.


There really is not a lot to do if you are not car accessible.


The worst part of Bradley is its President's tyrannical reign.


The way the Administration is run. They can sometimes be very harsh and not do what is in the best interests for the students.

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