Bradley University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Some stereotypes about Bradley students are that they are all rich and stuck up because Bradley is a small private school.


That because it's really easy to get into Bradley and because of that, we're all stupid.


there is nothing to do here


Lots of rich, stuck up, vain, and sheltered people.


They are stereotyped as rich and spoiled suburban white kids, especially by the locals.


Down to earth, Frat boys and Sorority Girls, overall very nice


Everyone that attends Bradley is of the upper middle class and has lots of money. People believe that all students are from Illinois and are engineers. Almost all outsiders of the greek community believe fraternity and sorority members are just dumb alcoholics that don't study and just party all the time


It's kind of a party school disguised as an academics school. Most students are middle class and upper middle class. Large greek community, and theres a lot of cliques. A lot of students are very apathetic towards what's going on around them.


Everyone "goes greek", frats and drinking, sorority sterotypes about the types of girls in each house


snobs, all soriorities and frats. stuck up


that we are all rich. that is bull, and i hate that b/c i have very little money, my family is not rich at all. i don't have to pay tuition b/c i got the presidential scholarship and IL grants paid for the rest, proving how much money my family does NOT have. we are not all snobs, we are not all catholics, and we are not all comm and business majors.


In light of recent news events (2 students died of alcohol related incidents this year, and a basketball starter received a DUI), one would be that we drink like raging alcoholics. I assure you, it is no worse (in fact, much lighter) than other schools. The deaths were freak and could happen anywhere.


We are apathetic and drink a lot. Also, if you're not part of greek life there is nothing for you to do, ever.


One stereotype that applies not only to Bradley students but college students in general is that they are all liberal. Another stereotype about Bradley students specifically is that they are all from either Chicago or St. Louis.


I don't know of any


Its a boring school because it is located in Peoria Illinois.


Stereotypes? I haven't heard any, but I would say everybody's either from some suburb of Chicago or some suburb of that other big city. I'm not, though. I'm from Bloomington. You know, the suburb of Normal. Where ISU is?


The stereotypes that I have heard about Bradley are all good - when I tell people I go to Bradley they are all impressed and say that I must be smart to have gotten into such a good school. Also, people say it is a party school


I've only heard one stereotype: Bradley students are haughty.


Stuck up, rich, well off, all white, no fun, bookworm...


Because we are a small (roughly 6,000 undergrads) private school we tend to get the snotty, rich, white kid stereotype.


I don't know what the stereotypes about bradley are. But bradley I think is known for being "clickey".


The only stereotype I can think of is that we're all rich because we go to a private school.


People in Peoria think Bradley students are all rich snobs who call Daddy whenever they need money.


The first one that comes to mind is that Com majors don't do much of anything. The population of Greeks on campus is high and everywhere you look, there's Greek events/people.


Small School Jewish School Rich School Engineer School Bad sports team No school spirit boring too many drinking tickets ghost town on the weekends


Rich, stuck-up, spoiled


One fairly common stereotype is that the college is just for engineering. There are thousands of stereotypes about engineers.


The students are rich kids from the Chicago suburbs and St. Louis and many of them probably aren't as smart as their grades show. Many people think that Bradley is a small school in a small town without much to offer.


Family-like campus In a scary neighborhood Students are apathetic


Before i went to Bradley I thought/heard that the students were stuck up and rich.


Rich, snobby, spoiled, from Chicago.


It is an all Engineering school.


That we are stuck up private school students with parents who have tons of money


One major stereotype is that if you are not in Greek life, you don't exist. Well, I am one of those that exists without being involved in Greek life. There are many other clubs and organizations on campus that you can be involved in without going Greek. Don't get me wrong, some of my friends are in Greek life, and they love it! One stereotype that I heard before coming to Bradley wass that it is not that great of a school because if had a small student body - that is so wrong! If anything, having a small student body makes the school greater - socially and academically - because you are not just a number on the enrollment sheet, you have a name and a face. Most of my teachers know me by name and speak to me in the halls, even after my class with them is over.


That we are rich because we go to a private school. Our campus is like a parking lot it's so small. The reason they call us a college is because we have some what of a quad.


Everyone is really friendly and likes to have fun


Some stereotypes are that Bradley students are all rich white kids from the suburbs of IL.


studious, partiers, Greek, athletes


People think Bradley is a school for rich kids because it is an expensive private school.


Rich and Snobby


They are just drunken kids that do not care.


-Stuck up -Not as smart as other kids -Really big Greek life


smart active rich


Bradley Students come from wealthy suburbs, Bradley students are preppy, Bradley students excel well in their classes. The greek life drinks a lot.


Party school, apathetic, rich


Preppy rich kids, mostly from the Chicago area; apathetic toward cultural issues (and basically everything else too); greeks run the school


we're rich, private schooled, etc? Honestly, I haven't heard a lot about Bradley, my hometown barely knows this school.


Many of us or either from the local area or Chicago.


Stuck up, rich

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