Bradley University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are an introvert not looking to be challenged and not planning to expand your comfort zone, Bradley is not the place for you. Bradley will raise your ceiling of expectations and provide the resources for you to reach your new goals. It encourages you to explore and broaden your horizons. If you are settled with complacency and content in the small box that you have created for yourself, Bradley is not for you. A closed mind is a closed heart and you will always feel like an outsider no matter how much we try to include you.


People that should not attend Bradley are those that are not serious about their future. No matter what major you plan to go into, they are all vigurous programs that only allow the hard workers to get through. If a person is not willing to put effort into their studies, they would not succeed at Bradley. Bradley prepares many students for the outside world. However, students also need to be proactive and ask for assisstance of the Bradley staff or they would not get anywhere. Connecting with others is a big part of Bradley.


Well organized, focused, and passionate about learning.


I wouldn't suggest a person who is a slacker or lazy to attend Bradley because work hard is important at this school. If you don't work hard or take it seriously it is easy to fail.


Everyone is welcome! I don't think anyone should avoid Bradley.


I guess, the only people who shouldn't attend Bradley University would be the students who are wanting to complete a program that Bradley doesn't offer.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is ... EVERYONE should attend this school! It is a great school. Small in size but great in character! For being a small private school it sure has a lot to offer students. I love it all!!!


a good time person because bradley is all about seriousiness when it comes to academics


Any kind of person should attend Bradley. It is very diverse, fun, and highly educated.


Anyone who is looking for a place to completely expand their mind.


One who is afraid of getting to know their classmates and professors


Though I am an artist, those looking for an intense artistic experience need not apply. Bradley's general education requirements take up so much time that it's almost impossible to get a really good artistic education.


We aren't very good at GLBT


Someone who doesn't like small school or is use to a large city.


A huge partier.


Someone who is really focused on learning and wants to learn a lot in order to have a successful chance for oppurtunities in the future.


Someone who wants a big school and big classes. If you just want to be a number in a classroom, bradley isnt the place for them. Bradley is academically challenged, so if you plan not to work very hard, you will not suceed.


If you are the kind of person that doesn't like to be social, then this is not the school for you. There isn't much to do in your free-time other than social events, unless you like to spend your free-time alone.

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