Bradley University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the slow internet connectivity that is sometimes experienced and its sometimes hard to do my research papers.


There is not a ton of spirit in the school and I wish we had a football team


One of the only frustrating things that I can think of about Bradley University would be that the freshmen can't have cars on campus. If you have an off campus job, you can't apply for a parking permit but they are really slow about getting the permit to you.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the expenses. There is so much that you need while there that is not provided by the school or can find easily at a discounted rate.


Often times I found myself frustrated by the lack of connection to the surrounding community. I worked both for a church down the street, and a coffee shop a few miles away, yet we rarely saw Bradley students. In general, students remained on campus for their entertainment and places to study.


Just trying to manage all the classes that you have, and gettting your homework done on time. The time that is allowed for studying is kind of difficult because you sometimes have more than one quiz of exam in the same day.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the dorm hall that I am currently staying in for the 2009/2010 school year is that it is out-dated. It is often cold in my room, causing me to have to wear two layers of clothes sometimes and that there is a draft that comes into our room from under the door, often making it colder in our room. Another thing that is frustrating about my school is that the grocery store right across campus closed down, making grocery shopping very difficult for students without a car.


The most frustrating thing about Bradley is the drainage system. When it rains there are puddles everywhere. It's kind of a joke among the students but it really is a problem. It makes you cold when you walk out and get water all in your shoes but honestly that?s the worst thign about the school that I?ve come across so far. I really like the school and can't complain about anything else.


This is my first year attending this school - I personally have not found anything frustrating other than more counseling should be done for incoming freshman before we actually attend. Also more counseling to make sure that the right major is chosen.


It's not really in a "college town." There isn't much to do at night so most students either party or just hang out, which can get old. Some students don't take their education as seriously as they should considering Bradley offers a good education.


The classes are really challenging. You HAVE to read all the text or you will probably fail and homework is pretty rare. Most classes are made up of only tests and quizzes.


There is not much diversity. We are the most apathetic campus so there are never any rallies or political events or protests.


The workload in technical majors is too much.


The parking is the most frustrating thing.


Honestly, having to work with my advisors is the most annoying thing because I have three majors and it is a pain to have to see each one and work around them when I could easily do it myself.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it takes a while for student's complaint's and issues to be adressed. The school and student body make decisions without always seeing every consequence of what they do. One example is a rehersal space for orchestra, which got kicked out of its on campus rehersal space last year and now has to practice off campus, with little progress shown for moving orchestra back, even though there have been multiple complaints by many members of the orchestra.




The most frusterating thing about the school is that with different degrees when you graduate you are a little limited in Peoria. Peoria is very heavy in business and construction and engineering. But for other majors like music and arts there is not much due to the setup of the city of Peoria.

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