Bradley University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the sense of community and family throughout the entire campus. Everyone, including professors and students, are always willing to help and are very friendly. If you are feeling down, there is always someone who is willing to cheer you up and be there for you if you need help. Everywhere you go on campus there is a smiling face that will make you smile.


Bradley cares about its students' futures. The administration and professors go out of their way to provide the resources and guidance needed to ensure our success. Their mentoring and teaching styles promote discipline, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirits throughout the campus. Bradley's 92% graduation/placement rate and 84% retention rate with nearly 83% of graduates earning at least one internship before graduation are proof of its commitment to its students. I am in a great environment where I have one of the best opportunities to have a successful journey in college and beyond.


The best thing about my school is the networking opportunities that they provide in order to get students engaged not only in school but volunteering and doing things students would have never thought they would be doing. The career center that helps student find jobs, interships as well as volunteering in the community has definately become one of the best things about Bradley University. The support that is given to students in order for them to not just exceed in college but in life.


The Best thing about my school is the amount of help available, you have your roomate(s), counselor, academic advisor, instructors and also classmates and friends.


The best thing about Bradley is the size. With the student to teacher ratio being so small it is easier to get to know your professors and other students in the class. It is a great school if you are a more social person and like interaction because with Bradley it is all about being active in the campus in and out of classes.


its a private school so you get the attention that you need with the smaller class sizes. and you have just the right amount of students to have a good amount of resources provided to the school.


The best thing about my school is definitely the size. The campus is really concentrated in one area and I don't feel like I'm going on a journey everyday just to get to my classes. Everything is really close and easy to find which is helpful being new to the school.


The best aspect of Bradley University is the arts program. There are so many different ways you can go with the art program they have. That is the reason I chose to attend Bradley University.


I love Bradley's small campus and intimate feel. As a student, you have instant access to an endless source of information and support through the faculty at Bradley -- you will never feel like "a number". The faculty and staff invest time and show incredible effort to know each student and to support each student individually and uniquely.


The availability and personal quality to each class you are in. Most professors are 100% open to being in constant contact with students. They give out cell phone numbers, personal emails, etc in order to make sure you always have a way to contact them if you need to.


The best thing about Bradley University is the ability for EVERYONE to get involved! No matter what your beliefs or interests are there is something for you! I truly believe I would not have been academically successful without my sorority sisters and other extracurricular activities!


The best thing about this school is definitely the size. I chose to go to this school primarily because of the fact that you could go from your dorm to your classroom seeing both people you know and people you've never seen before. I didn't want to go to a large school where I was just a number, but I also didn't want to go to a small school where everyone knows you, and Bradley University fits comfortably in the middle.


The best thing about my school are the people. They are very friendly, always saying hi, and very kind. They always want you to be in their club, join a fraternity or sorority, and try to get everyone involved. I know this from expierience because I am a transfer student.


The small campus setting because I can get more one on one interaction from my professors to help me perform well in all of my classes. At most large universities, it's kind of hard to get noticed by your professors because it's so many people but at Bradley you get noticed right away.


How close everything is, from the dorms to any building is less than 10 minutes walking.


Short Walking distances around campus.


My ability to get involved from the moment you step on campus, and with that, the ability to integrate all of it together. As a freshman, I got involved with the on-campus tv show, psych club, the activities council, a fraternity, and more. As a double major in psych and comm these are all interesting and intertwined passions of mine. I also am able to do some broadcasting, marketing, and stand-up comedy. I get to do everything I want to without obstacles. I even did some theater this semester. Everyone knows me and I love being so involved.


The small size offers a more personal atmosphere, smaller classes and a better teacher-student relationship.


The fact that it's small enough so that i get personal attention from my teachers and feel comfortable, yet big enough to provide a lot of opportunities


How diverse it is and how there are a lot of things that you can get involved in on campus. There's always something going on. There's always somewhere you can go to study.


The best thing is that the class size is small. I learn so much more effectviely in a small class, as opposed to large lecture hall, where the voice of the professor is usually distorted, or it is hard for me to see the presentations (board, overhead, etc). I hate that it is really expensive along with the very high difficulty level. I sometimes feel like I'm paying to fail. Other than the financial aspects of the school, everything else is great.


The size, it's not too big yet not too small.


The best thing about my school is that it is small. It is not too small though where you never meet new people. All my classes are in one place and close to campus and off campus.


The size.


The small class atmosphere makes Bradley University very different from other schools. Bradley has better student teacher relationships, harder class work, and Bradley is seen as a prestige private university in the Midwest. Companies enjoy employing Bradley students because of these differences and our drive to succeed at work.


Well, I'm makoring in civil engineering and this school is known for it's engineering program. I also like the job fairs that we have here on campus.


the small setting but we still get some of the oppurtunites a large college gets.


A video made for a class at Bradley University


an event called "St. Baldrick's Day" comes to Bradley University's campus -- supporting cancer research.


I think that the size of the school is teh best part. You are able to walk anywhere on campus in under 7 minutes. And everything is close but does not look or appear cluttered.


I love the size of my school. There are only roughly 5000 students at the school and not all of them live on campus. I like the fact that as I'm walking to and from class or around campus in general I can almost always run into someone I know.

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