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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


" Before making any other decision, take some time for yourself, spend some time alone, go on a vision quest, a meditation retreat, a trip on your own, and only hold this one question in your mind: What is it that i truly enjoy doing the most? What makes me feel thrilled with joy, what makes me feel like i don t need food or sleep? After answering this question, ask yourself another question: How will this 'thing' that gives me such joy, if i were to do it excellently serve others? During this process of asking and answering your own questions, avoid asking others for answers. Write your journal, make vision boards, meditate, but look for the real answer INSIDE. Once found, put all your energy, all your time, and all your money into pursuing the answers you found. Find out which school, which location and which course of study would best fit. Even if you feel it is too expensive or too far away, disregard these concerns and do everything you can to enroll exactly where you feel you can accomplish your goal. Once there, become an assistant to the teacher who has suceeded in your chosen field."