Brandeis University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Brandeis University is the place where I feel like I can be somebody, that I mean something to someome, and that I can be myself.


Brandeis University is very welcoming and anyone will find a since of beloning here in one or multiple groups on campus.


A small, friendly, intellectually stimulating community dedicated to academic excellence, social change, and opportunities catered to every student's individual needs.


On their own, most Brandeis buildings are lovely pieces of architecture. The new science center is absolutely incredible, the Admissions building is sleek and modern, and the Castle (seriously) got us featured in U.S. News and World Report's list of coolest dorms. The buildings don't really go together, but I still think the campus is beautiful, especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing and after the first light dusting of snow. The facilities department does a fantastic job of keeping campus trim and clean, and overall it looks great. Walking around, you'll see a lot of students trudging around with heavy backpacks, but even during finals they'll mostly look happy and like they want to be there, stopping to smile and have quick conversations with friends on their way to class.


You won't find Brandeis' campus in the top 10 list of beautiful universities. Probably not even in the top 30. It's a mish mosh of buildings from the 70's and new, energy-saving structures. That being said, it's not absolutely awful, and Brandeis does it's best to make sure the grounds are always beautiful and blossoming. The campus itself is fairly small. The longest walk (from end to end) might take 15 minutes, if you're walking slowly. I usually don't find myself walking all that much in one day because my classes tend to me in the same area. (Humanities in three or four buildings, sciences in one or two, etc.)


Brandies University is a place for open-minded friendly people looking to expand their horizons while getting a great education on a small campus close enough to a big city.


My school, is very liberal and everyone is accepting of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and looks. There are hardly ever parties and everyone is focused and has life goals.


Brandeis is a small but prestigious school known for its status as a top research university.


We're ethnically like Tufts, eclectic like Reed, and awesome like no one else!


The best 4 years of my life, when I learned a great deal about myself and other people in the most nurturing yet challenging environment I can imagine.


Brandeis is a place where you never feel out of place and academics here are wonderful!


Brandeis is a medium-sized school and a very tight-knit community where you can easily study liberal arts and do scientific research at the same time.


Brandeis is a small liberal arts college with countless clubs and events as well as many activities to get involved in.


Brandeis is a school where one an be proudly nerdy and bask in occasional socially-awkward situations, but form lasting friendships and gain a strong eduation that will be the basis for a rewarding career.


Brandeis is a place to make and develop yourself into a smarter and more motivated person.


Brandeis is very friendly, academically focused, but still very relaxed.


Brandeis is an academically challanging school with professors who genuinely care, but occasionally students who think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Friendly, open, and always accepting


Brandeis is an open accepting community and academic institution that ranks near the Ivies in terms of both quality of education and, unfortunately, price.


Brandeis is a community of individuals with diverse interests who truly care about their personal development and the people around them.


Brandeis is a welcoming community that is definitely only going to get better moving forward. A pretty young school compared to other schools of this caliber (only 60 years old), Brandeis is only now developing an alumni base and endowment strong enough to contribute is meaningful ways to the campus. In the last 5 years, a new student center, new science center, two new on-campus housing quads, a new graduate school facility and a new admissions center have all been completed (or are near completion).


Liberl arts school with a strong emphasis in science and humanities.


Brandeis is a small, close-knit community.


Brandeis is a very liberal, diverse campus, full of abitious students.


A diverse, open school despite the large Jewish presence; there is a place for everyone.


Brandeis is really small, but interesting...