Brandeis University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Brandeis University is known for its large and successful Jewish community. If you are not Jewish or you are Jewish but don't want it around you all the time, never fear! Its really easy to not be a part of that community if you don't want to be - and the university is actually not a religious institution! So you won't find religious symbol or anything like that withn classrooms like you might at a religiously affiliated college.


Brandeis is best known for combining traditional academic studies (humanities, social sciences, science) with social justice. Because the school is named in honor of former Supreme Court Justice Brandeis, social justice is not just a buzzword but an ideal to live by at Brandeis. Arts, humanities, sciences, activism -- all of Brandeis' academic and extracurricular programs work towards the common goal of making the world a better place.


Brandeis University is best known for its excellent academics, its fine arts museum, its mathematics and science programs, and its emphasis on social justice .


Brandeis is most well known for its academically driven atmosphere. Although Brandeis may not be labelled as an Ivy League university, the quality of the students who attend Brandeis are at Ivy League status. Due to its academically focused nature, Brandeis tends to lack its focus on sports. Hence, unlike other universities, Brandeis does not have a football team, lacrosse team, hockey team, nor a wrestling team at varsity levels of competition. However, students who played such sports passionately in high school still attend Brandeis and find that club sports are all that they need.


Brandeis is best known for it's connection to Judaism, but I found lots of diversity and became friends with people that had both similiar backgrounds as well as different backgrounds then me. It all depends how much you are willing to put yourself out there and learn more about yourself.


I would say it's best known for being Jewish-affiliated. It can get smothering, but it's an important part of Brandeis' identity.


Having a high population of Jewish students, and student activism in the '60s


Brandeis is best known for its Near Eastern and Jewish studies department.


Brandeis is often known as the "Jewish school," but it is a secular school, no longer majority Jewish and that does not define the school's activities or policies anymore than schools with similar demographics. It is also known for the SmartBalance brand of butter, partially developed at the school (we call it Brandeis butter).


jewish, friendly, outgoing, liberal, artistic, hands-on, great academics, well respected professors, one of the "lesser" ivy league, boson oriented, small, liberal arts


the strong jewish community, the excellent academics, and the friendly and down-to-earth student body