Brandeis University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the inflexible meal plan. You can only use one meal in a designated meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the points that you are given cost more than a dollar per point. You could go all meals, but then have no points for the convenience store on campus - and you need them, because very few things in the store count towards a meal. And if you go all point, then you're paying more than you would with cash. It is a very difficult and illogical system, and the students lose out.


The worst thing about Brandeis is the brutal cold winter this year.


The only thing negative I can say about Brandeis is the condition of the dorm in which I live. The corridors are tightly spaced and the dorm is old. Other than that, my experience at Brandeis has been fabulous. Wonderful teachers, classes, people; a broad, diverse culture with educated and informed students who care about their experience at the school and about the world in general.


There is a level of obscurity associated with brandeis as well as social awkwardness, which can sometimes be the case but also makes it hard for people to see the real place.


The food choices are very limited and the dining hours are very unconducive to when a college student would like to eat. Also, there can be long lines waiting for food and when paying.


The winter. The campus is very hilly and it is freezing in New England winter. So it doesn't make walking to class very fun.


The housing at Brandeis is beyond repproach.


Much of the administration is handled like a bureaucracy. Lots of meaningless paperwork, more times consuming processes than necessary.


I think Brandeis would be considerably better if there was a larger number of staff members as well as students (maybe 5,000 instead of 3,500). The class sizes are too big within the psych department, and for almost all the classes available. I think that more teachers could allow for a wider variety of classes and smaller class size. There is way too much of an emphasis on multiple choice tests.


There are a lot of graduation requirements that seem tedious.


Location. Waltham sucks, to be honest. I like having access to Boston, but I wish that I had chosen a school either closer to the city or in the city. There are shuttles to go to Cambridge and Boston, but they only run from Thursdays to Sundays.


The fact that they are so liberal and complain a lot that there are too many jews. what they don't realize is yes, it should be more diverse, but at the same time, this is a place where jews can be comfortable and be in a secular/nonreligious envionrment meeting new people.


there is a lot of construction going on