Brandeis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who enjoys to have in-depth conversations with others about current events around the world and a secret love for the arts.


This school has a high concentration of Jews, Asians, and Russians; don't be afraid to apply if you do not fit into any of these categories, but just know that you will be in the minority. Brandeis is a premed mill, so if you are interested in medical school, you should consider it. Brandeis students are quirky.


The kind of people who attend Brandeis University are the ones who value their education because they know that it will impact their futures. It is a school for those who are willing to give up some lesiure to make sure they succeed not only in class, but in society. Brandeis University is for the one who is focused and determined to improve not only his or her future, but the future of others.


Anyone who is serious about their education. This school is particularly well suited for pre-medical students or other science majors. Other students also seek out this school for the welcoming Jewish community. There are also a fair number of pre-law students. If you want a good education and are willing to put in the time, this is the school for you.


a person who is self motivated and willing to put themself out there to meet people and have an active social life while working hard for school. Be be successful both socially and academically here, you have to live by the motto "Work hard, play hard."


People who desire challenging academics.


An open-minded person should attend this school who is academically driven but knows how to balance a fun and socially active life.


A nice studious person. Maybe slightly crazy. Some very religious. Some into partying. All different types


Someone who is willing to accept that it is Brandeis' quirks that truly makes it a special environment.


Quirky, intellectual, liberal, activist, dedicated, fun having yet non party animal.


Someone who loves to learn. Options are there, so it is up to you to decide what to do with your life.


someone who is unique and eccentric. definetly not a stuck up or superficial perosn. they need to be weird or corky


A student interested in attending Brandeis University should be someone who is prepared to work hard, who does not feel the need to party every night, and who is relatively carefree. He or she should not be particularly concerned with physical appearance with regard to themselves (don't feel the need to wear the latest fashions) and others (Brandeis is not the most attractive bunch of people). A student with a strong desire to learn, to make kind but nerdy friends, and have fun (but mostly just on the weekends) would be well suited for Brandeis.


Someone willing to work hard; there's some partying, but if thats what you're looking for, dont come here.


someone outgoing and self-assured, a leader in all respects, and self motivated.