Brandeis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Brandeis is the social justice foundation. Everyone at this school holds themselves and the community accountable to make the world a better place, and fix injustice.


One of the amazing things about Brandeis is the openness of the student body. Everybody is extremely kind and friendly. Not once did I feel like I couldn't ask someone for a direction or question. This also goes for professors. Professors will easily help you, if you put the effort in.


The best thing about Brandeis is the attitude of students to not merely tolerate those who are diffferent from themselves but to embrace those differences and learn from each other and bring about peace and justice.


I love the diversity that the school has, as well as the friendly environment that Brandeis offers. Everyone is friendly and helpful. This makes the college experience even better.


The people are awesome! They are all really smart and friendly.


I consider the best thing about Brandeis University to be its emphasis on social justice that teaches me, in and out of class, how to make the world a socially just place.


I love how the student population is so involved and active on campus. There are so many different clubs, activities, and organizations for just about every interest, so it's really easy to try something new, and most of the clubs are extremely welcoming of new participants. It's the same way with classes - it's really easy to take a class in a department you've never tried before and the professors are very friendly and accomodating.


Brandeis University is very flexible when it comes to picking your major and/or your minor. At my school, it is possible to triple major and triple minor if your heart desires. I personally don't know anyone who is doing that but it goes to show what is available. Brandeis offers courses that cover requirements for more than one major/minor, which makes double majoring or double minoring much easier. For instance, next semester I will be taking Psychology Statistics, which will take care of my quantitative reasoning requirement as well as my requirement to become a Psychology major.


The university I attend stands out for one reason ? camaraderie. It starts with the administration and extends to the professors, instructors and students. Once a student is accepted to Brandeis University, the goal is to help that student succeed in any goals that he/she sets. Everyone is accessible and there are no dumb questions. Friendships develop quickly and effortlessly. This is even more remarkable because of the diverse student body and large international influence. Leaving home was easy due to this environment and I will accomplish my goal of graduating with a neuroscience degree and getting into medical school.


The best thing about my school is how engaged eveyone is when it comes to dealing with academics and future careers.


The quality of the education was the best thing. The professors, students, and entire university environment were amazing.


The people


The school has a good reputation which may help with your carerer in the future; however it unfortunately does not live up to its reputation.


Everyone is very friendly. There are twenty four hour gym facilities. The food is pretty good.


The peole are the best things about Brandeis. They can be weird but they are friendly and accepting. I chose Brandeis because of how welcome I felt when I visited, and its why I go back to visit.


The best thing about this school is the student's ability to affect change by taking on leadership positions and knowing that the administration takes those positions seriously.


That there are so many choices in ways that you can get involved. Plus even if you feel like you have things set there is always something new to try. The teachers here are passionate and intrested in getting to know you as a person which is a wonderful expirence to have. Plus they are experts in their felids and are always bringing in their friends (or their wives) who are also exprets to share with the class. brandeis is a dynamic insitituion that I am happy to call my home.


It's very close to the city of Boston and other Boston universities so if Brandeis' social life is not for you, the city is your playground on the weekends.


the ability to make goals happen. there is something for everyone here, and as long as one has perserverance, they can do anything they wish at brandeis.