Brenau University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Massive. I got lost a few times when I first arrived. The shuttles help, but at first I didn't know this was free for students so I walked everywhere...that's why I got lost and it also tired me out pretty quickly. The architecture is pretty old for most of the buildings too since NAU was opened in 1899 and it makes the campus feel homey and calm.


Brenau University Women's College is the institute in which success is bred from women of all ethnicities.


Describing NAU to a clueless mind would include the words of: Trees Green Hot and Cold Bold Seasons Cold White winters


A school full or prosperity and growth.


Brenau University is a great school for students looking to still have a life and for those going back to school.


Brenau is a great school for those who are goal-oriented, optimtistic, and driven.


Brenau is interesting.


Brenau teaches women not only academics but how to be strong, independent women as well.


Brenau University is a liberal, small college. Faculty is always willing to help and the atmosphere is completely comfortable.