Brenau University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Every student know that they can be helped. You are well listened to and help is extended to ensure that you success in your dream career.


I haven't been here that long and already I can tell that the student population is varied in gender, age, and race. Of course because of the location, we have many Native American students. We are also representative of pretty much every other race too. I have a classmate who is from Sweden and he speaks with a pretty thick French accent. I also have a classmate who's dad is from Chili and she recently visited family there for several weeks before the semester started. I even have a Native American classmate and a Mexican classmate, just like you'd expect. One of my classes has at least four middle-aged women who have come back to school. It is just so varied and eclectic!


My classmates at Brenau are very engaged, everyone is helpful and nice to each other.


There is no need to go into detail about the students of NAU. We are diverse. We come from everywhere, are every race, sexual orientation, religion, and political background. I would be surprised if anyone did not find at least one person on campus who shared their interests.


There's a little bit of everything at NAU! Most of them are pretty laid back.


I have had some very interesting experiences with different types of students at this school! There are plenty of interesting minded people throughout this school haha. A student that would feel out of place at this school is a very material-like girl. Someone that dresses up in heels for her morning classes, and can't do much on their own is definitely something you don't see every day here in Flagstaff. Students wear comfortable, every day college student clothing here! It depends on the major of the student and whether they have a job that hey need to dress for, other wise, they wear their clothes freely! And yes, different types of students interact with each other! Don't be afraid to talk to the man in a polo or the girl in a buttoned up collared shirt guys and gals!! most of the students are from either originally Arizona, or California, and surprisingly Alaska! But there are plenty more from everywhere else as well! Students here are very focused on their goals! We have mentors to help get our minds back on track and focused on the future and our plans after graduation! They are very helpful for both incoming for incoming students and just plain curious ones! :)


My classmates at Brenau University are wonderful study partners, listeners, friends, and at times counselors.


They are online.


My classmates are intelligent and motivated women who come from a variety of backgrounds to form a community.


My classmates are overall friendly, extremely open-minded and respectful of others.


My classmates are motivated and excited to be in the nursing program and we all know when we need to crack down and study and when we can all have a little fun, and we also enjoy learning about our future careers and will continue to help each other suceed throughout the next year and a half


Most of the time my classmates are willing to work together when the classes are tough.


They are very enthusiastic about thier work and usually get it done on time.


Accommidating and helpful when I am confused


Many of my classmates are very open-minded and helpful, but some would rather keep to themselves and do their own thing.


Friendly, helping, understanding.