Brenau University Top Questions

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It offers a good Nursing program. It offers a part-time and a full-time program for working students who want to pursue Nursing.


All female


private, smaller town, close to home


We are a liberal education college.


Brenau University has a community full of talented women and it offers more attainable opportunities I'm looking for in education/social life.


Brenau University is an all girl liberal arts college. Brenau has everything that a student needs from dozens of majors and minor to choose form and plenty of sports and organizations to take part in.


It provides a friendly atmosphere for educated women who all want to succeed. it is not huge it is a close-knit community in itself with a lot to offer a young woman wanting to further her education.


The professors here are awesome. I transferred here from another school and the teachers here are really anxious to help you learn and move on to the next level.


It has the best theatre training in the state. It's theatre has been professionally ranked #1 by the Georgia Councill for the Arts. I don't know of any other southeast school that has that. This program is the reason to come to brenau.


There's hardly any guys.