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What are the academics like at your school?


I am a double major. Yes, you might think I am crazy, especially she you find out I am double majoring in Vocal Performance and Applied Mathematics (soon to be Chemistry). I still plan to graduate in four years and have faced an incredible amount of scheduling difficulties, but I will survive. Of course, depending on the class, I get professors who know my name and others who don't , but no matter who they are they offer times for additional instruction which is very beneficial. From math to music I have had some awesome classes. One of my favorite classes has been music theory. Part-writing techniques from like the 1800s are still being used today but no one would know. P.S. (in case you were wondering) No one at NAU is going to baby you into getting your work done. It is about taking initiative and being an active student. One point of college is to grow up. So, grow up, get to class, or fail--it really is your choice.


Science is generally hard. Liberal arts are easy. Just like everywhere else I know of! Professors have office hours and can always be reached by email.


Professors really care about the students here at this school, they take the time to know your names and LOVE when you visit during their office hours. My favorite class is my Fitness and Conditioning class and also my Geology lab! My least favorite is my Art Appreciation class, its huge and not social. Students who study take different approaches toward it. But for each of my classes I study at least 2 hours per class per week, so its not that bad! :) My major is Business Marketing, so I am basically just trying to figure out what my plans are for graduation day! I love my major, I can socialize with the other students and find out neat ideas for my future! NAU's academic requirements are really nice, they aren't too terribly hard on you, and once you are in, there is plenty of free tutoring and study groups offered for just about every class around the campus!