Brenau University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are so many groups on campus it would be hard to describe them all. ASNAU is our student government they play a key roll in assisting NAU's many clubs and organizations. I was personally involved in NSO (New Student Organization or Freshmen ASNAU). It was a fun way to meet people who shared my school spirit and wanted to make things happen on campus. We ended up throwing an Early Preview of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (6 hours before it came out). NAU Students continue to support sport teams; going to football games in the Dome, rocking the basketball games at the Rolle's Center, and cheering on hockey at the Ice Rink. Plus every year downtown gets shutdown for a HUGE homecoming parade. There are floats and food and , of course, tequila sunrise. So, its 2am on a Tuesday. Where might I be? First I would be hitting up Gateway for a late night snack. Then I might decide to go to one of the MANY group rooms and watch a movie with some friends or maybe I am having a late night snowball fight. Of course its possible that I am stargazing out on one of the grassy green hills or driving up to the Grand Canyon to see the sunrise. Who knows?


Honors groups, Homecoming celebrations, BBQs, pre-game parties, etc.


Football and Intramural sports are super popular at NAU! A group that I am involved with is the International Student Volunteer group (ISV)! I help promote traveling overseas to broaden their horizons! It so much fun and a great way to meet new people!! Students living in the dorms love leaving their doors open to make new friends, there are hall parties and socials every weekend! There are also heaps of Guest Speakers through the school! It is a great opportunity to get to listen to them and learn for FREE!! :) ALSO there is a theater located on North campus that plays new movies every other weekend for students for only $3!! There is also a suuuper nice restaurant called the 1899 Bar and Grill! You can use your campus dining dollars and take your hot date out on the town! :) I met my closest friends through living in the dorms my freshman year by leaving my door open and introducing yourself to new people! :) If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday morning then I am most likely sleep deprived, out on the town, OR most importantly STUDYING and CRAMMING for an exam! Each year, there is a traditional underwear run the weekend before finals to blow off a bit of steam and stress! It's super fun and FREEZING in those little knickers! Fraternities are the main "big bash throwers" at NAU. Frats and Sororities are a pretty big part of our campus. Last weekend I attended a Fraternities party and it was a lot of fun! They are really nice and love meeting new people:). On a Sunday night, finding an activity that doesn't involve drinking is not a hard thing to do! There is always something fun planned! Such as ZUMBA, rock climbing, interfaith groups, study groups, movies, and hanging around with friends! :) Off campus, there are so many beautiful hiking paths to explore on, the Lava tubes are super fun as well! There is also Lake Mary 15 minutes away!!