Brenau University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Brenau University has a lot of great and helpful resources! We have a SPA (math and science tutor center), a learning center where tutors with a specific major can help students in their career classes, a writing center/tutor, and we also have great programs that can get students involved with school and the community. Brenau is a beautiful close campus where classes are walking distance; we also have an olympic size swimming pool and a two-story gym to help students get in shape or release stress. We have campus events to where everyone and anyone is invited to.


I can get a 4yr degree without being unnoticed. My classroom sizes are around 30 students, so i can get one on one teaching every student needs


That this school is an all womens school, except for the Nights and Weekends classes. It has a very beautiful campus! Some of the buildings are even a light pink shade!! The staff are always willing to help, and give advice!! It is a great school!!


friendly atmosphere


The quality of the education and the closeness of all the students.


The friendships that I have gained since I have been there. Greek women have the highest GPA's are most involved and are always visible.


It's a wonderful place. There's less distraction because of the lack of guys, and there is wonderful faculty and staff here that are hilarious and wonderful at the same time.


That it is small enough for teachers to know you personally, knowing your name/major/etc.


Most of my freinds are guys and I am a girl attending a womens college so I mostly brag that it is all girls as it makes them want to go to my school. On a more serious note, I am very proud of this school of all my choices school wise Brenau is the only one that would even come close to letting me do what I want to do. They can do that because they are a smaller school. Most of my previous responses come from things I remember about people at Brenau.