Brenau University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


no football team haha.


I don't like that I have to drive to another town to go to school.


The tuition is way to expensive. The education is really good for the price but the price of the housing is way too much and the housing is not that great. A lot of the buildings are old and small.


I havent found anything wrong with my college yet. This is the first school i am comfortable with and feel good about.


It doesn't advertise may services/events to commuter and part-time students. The university tends to focus its attention on residental students.


Sometimes the campus security is not always alert of things that happen on campus.


The worst thing is that the nursing program is generally unorganized. Also, the expensive tuition is very disturbing.


Financial aid is the worst part of my school because they usually don't post your aid until the last minute.


The cost of going to Brenau is the worst because HOPE and other government aid does not cover it all.


In a sense that there is no feeder boy's or "Gentlmens college" nearby. Fortunantly I am a theatre major as there are a lot of young men in the theatre department. Also sometimes I will have a class at a nearby community college and there is not really an easy way to get there as I do not have a car and won't be getting one anytime soon. So transportaion if you don't have a car can be a little rough.


The only worst thing about my school is its location. It gets really boring on the weekends and there is rarely anything to do.