Brenau University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Brenau University is a school for the woman of today and the woman of the future! You must be willing to work hard at Brenau, and Brenau will work hard for you! You must be willing to take chances and to let Brenau truly allow you to become, as it's name means, "as gold refined by fire".


This is a small all women college , so if you want a school that is dedicated to you and actually knows what you need to succeed this is the school to be in. This school will challenge you to be the best you can be. We are working to become the future leaders of America. A young woman who is determined and who doesn't only want to be successful, but is striving to be an extraordinary woman. This are the type of students that we need.


Busy mothers


A Female that is looking to attend a liberal arts school


Any woman who wants a quality education. The class sizes are small and the professors are interested in the students.


Anyone who has the willingness to learn and do well is the kind of person who should be at this school.


Girls that are willing to work hard to reach their career goals!


A person who wants a "private-school" education and wants to attend a mostly all-girls school.


a person that knows themself very well and is self motivated


An individual in this school should be goal oriented and ready to meet new people from different backgrounds and religions and open to their beleifs and the compassion to listen to what they believe instead of just passing their own judgement of a situation. The individual should also be willing to participate in several campus programs that are tradition and mandatory


someone who loves to be around other girls and enjoys required campus events.


Anybody with high enough grades and SAT scores


A liberal, hardworking, determined, goal oriented woman. Women at this university will find self confidence within themselves to take on the world ahead. Friendships will last a lifetime and the experiences that will never be forgotten will be created at this college.