Brenau University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would've known more about the finacial aid offered or scholarships offered by the university, and I wish I would've known more about the benefits of a commuter on campus.


My freshman year was a CGCC and I later transferred to NAU. When you start out at a junior college it's an easier transition and definitely a cheaper one, but you miss out on so much. Because I just transferred, I'm kind of like a freshman again. It's an amazing, if a little lonely and sometimes scary, feeling to be on my own. Words really can't describe it. And for all of you goal oriented and success driven high school graduates who want to get out on your own and prove what you can do, there's no place better than college/university, but I urge you to find a way to live on campus or off-campus, but close (like myself) because to really get the school experience and to let it finally hit you what you're attempting to do for yourself you have to be away from mom and dad. If money is an issue look into gov. assistance through FASFA...more people qualify for some amount of help than they think they do.


Brenau is a very great school, I believe in research and that is exactly what I did. Everything that I have imagine about the school is things I have read on. One challenge for me that I wish I would have prepared myself in is, Time Management. With my Major and Campus activities Time Management is very important


I wish I would have checked out the dorms out before I moved in. Also, I wish I could have seen the city that it's in before I chose to come here. There really is nothing to do in Gainesville., but Athens and Atlanta are really close so it's not to bad. The key is tohave a form of transportation whether it be your own or havingf friends with cars; yes freshmen students are allowed to have cars on campus.


I wish I would have know how wonderful of a school Brenau is. I have attented several colleges trying to find the best school with the best Nursing program, luckily I can say I have the perfect university and it is Brenau University. It has a great program and the advisors are straight foward with you and tell you exactly what you need to do to get into the Nursing program. I really wished I would of choosen this school to attend right after High School, becuase I know I would of probably already of been in the Nursing program.


I will not be attending this particular school until January and when I do so I will be attending online so I will not be attending the actual school.


The class availability


Nothing I believe I knew everything that I needed to know. Brenau was every good to help with all the questions I had.


To be honest with myself, I wish I had known about the true cost of my school. It is pretty expensive, but I don't regret enrolling at my school at all. I have adjusted to being at my school and made true life long friends. I believe my school is just right for me.