Brenau University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Brenau University, a private womens university, is one of the only schools of its type that is absolutely blossoming. Brenau is steeped in history and traditions. Brenau University truly becomes a home away from home and a sisterhood to students during their freshman year and continues to be that support system not only for the 4 years of schooling there, but for life.


The best thing about my school is the classes. The classes are small so it's easier to learn the material and get help from the proffessors.


Professor commitment


availability of teachers, great curriculum, great nursing school


I actually go to Gainesville State College in Watkinsville, Georgia, but that was not on the list. I love my school. The professors are so helpful, and I love the learning enviornment.


The best thing about Brenau University is that it is a small campus. The class sizes are perfect because you can receive more attention from the teacher. You also get to interact with the class and have a lot of class discussions.


This school is very flexible with my schedule as a mom and also having a full time job. I can take night class so that I can still work and spend time with my family.


The best thing about Brenau University is the great small classes and the professors for sure. Because of our small population we are able to have small classes. The small classes allow you to develop a great relationship with your professors. They really get to know you as a person which benefits the students.


The fact that its an all girls school. You can gain a since of pride saying that you went to an all girls school. Its alot like a sisterhood


The campus, it is beautful. Also, the thought there are police always on campus and telephones that you only have to push a button.


The small, family size atmosphere. With small class sizes it's much easier to learn and get direct attention from your professors. The location. It's in the moderate size city, but the mountains, beach and anything else are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours away.


Class size, it is an only girl private school


I consider the education level and the professors to be the best thing about my school. Though the classes are challenging, my professors gives out a helping hand. They don't ignore your problems or circumstances, they try to help as much as possible.


The bes thing about Brenau University is the determintion and dedication to a strong solid foundation of education. Brenau drives their students towards success in an effective and positive way. I believe it gives students that dont believe in themselves the chance to surround themselves around positive people and allows them to realize that a good education is possible.