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Brevard College is a small Liberal Arts college that focuses on outdoors and the person. The students are heavily involved with the outdoors, either with sports or activities such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, canoing, and exploring. There aren't alot of rules to hold you back and everyone is an individual, which is great! There are many cultures representated at Brevard College and the town is so beautiful, with a 360 degree view of the North Carolina mountains. I love the creek running through campus and the white squirrels!

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What is unique about my shcool is that it is a very small university, which I consider to be a great thing. Being a small university, it gives me a chance to be more hands on. It allows me to gain one on one time with my preffesor and take away more from the lesson. At Brevard the motto is "learn by doing" which gives students more of a chance to be involed. At Brevard you can engage yourself in many different clubs that help you obtain leadership goals. At breavrd you'll join a close knit family.

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