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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Here at Brevard, the great outdoors is very important. From biking to hiking, bowling to debating: there is something to do every second of the day. Being with good friends and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds the campus is the most common activity here at the college.

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I wasnt invovled with very many groups on campus just because i was always rehearsing for the next show some where, but we do have a large number of groups/clubs that people can join or if you have an idea we are very open to starting new clubs. A huge thing with brevard is the feeling of community, everyone knows everyone. People are always leaving doors open and just always having fun. One night we could be having a party in the Pirate Village (if you come here you will here the stories), then next night moving couches out around one of our fire pits and having a drum circle, and then the next night taping glow sticks to volleyballs and playing glow in the dark kickball. There is something going on for everyone so you never have to worry about getting bored. There are no Frats/sororities so they arent realy a part of our school. You can always go camping/hiking/mountain biking/kayaking/climbing/anything outdoors, or you can also go to Asheville or Greenville to some of the bigger cities in the are which are about 45 min form Brevard.

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