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Brevard College is an amazing community that welcomes people from all walks of life with open arms. I am so glad that I chose to come to Brevard. The faculty and staff here at the college are so welcoming and helpful in times of need. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help you, and you never feel like you are unwanted.

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I think one of the best things baout BC is the sive we are a small school. Total i would say we have about 800 people on the campus including students, faculty and staff. We have a 10:1 student to teacher ratio which is amazing because you can usually get all the one on one time you want/need. I think my bigges class was 30 people and that was World Religions. My smallest class was 3 people and that was Opera Literature. On this cmapus people spend most of there time outside wether it is laying out getting some sun by the creek that runs through the center of campus or hiking through Pisgah or Dupont. One of the downfalls about BC is probably the town itself. The community of Brevard consists of college students and old people. So there isnt much of a "college" feel to the town, although there are some really nice resteraunts a few really fun bars (for you poeple 21 and up) and some nice art galleries and shops downtown. We are defintily within walking distance from downtown being that it is just up a hill right beside campus. Probably one of the most exciting and unusual things about Brevard College would be that we are home to a very mysterious creature. Are you ready for this. In the little town of Brevard we are home to the... suspense is killing you inst it! We are home to the WHITE SQUIRREL! I know right isnt that crazy! They are all over the place, especially on our campus. One of the most memorable expiriences from my last year of BC was Earth Day. It was huge, we had a free concert outside of the porter center featuring local bands, we also had all kinds of arts and crafts, a rain barrel demonstration, local art work, and we also planted a butterfly garden right beside our cafeteria. One of our biggest attractions on the campus would be the Porter Center for Performing Arts. It has huge concert hall and seats 700 people with a huge stage where we can hold an sntire symphony but it can also be intimate for a solo guitar recital. We have world famous guest performers come from all over the world and they really do give fantastic performances. Just this past year we had Chanticleer, Cameron Carpenter, Amsterdam Cello Octet, and many many more! If you want to check out this coming season go to!

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