Brewton-Parker College Top Questions

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If you've ever wanted the college life but still have the "small town feel," Brewton-Parker is the best school for you. The campus is small in cozy, and there are many students that are always bright and friendly. In normal universities, it is nearly impossible to have a relationship with the professor. However, after classes at BPC, the staff is always available to help any student with any problem that may occur.


Brewton-Parker is a good school. It's for small town people that like a small college. Small classes, no more than maybe 30 to a class. Nice teachers and staff. Everyone there is willing to help and is all for you education.


BPC is a great conservative Christian school. Although it is Southern Baptist, they really do accept other denominations as well. If you want to have a great education with a Christian Background, BPC is the Place.


The friendships and relationships you form with other students and professors is unlike anyother place!