Brewton-Parker College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A small town guy/gal. Its not very big which gives the chance to bond with everyone, but the down side is that there isnt really anywhere to ea t out at or go to wal mart. The closest thing is in the next town which is 10 miles up the road.


Since this is a private, Baptist college, mainly kids looking for a good education including Christianity classes would be happy attending here. The professors are all very good and concerned about the students. I have always had a little trouble in school with academics and they have been very helpful to me.


A person who likes living in a rural town, and attending a small school. The on-campus student population is only about 450, but the size makes the campus feel inviting and all the faces are familiar. There isn't a diverse amount of campus activities, but my friends and I made our own fun in a creative way. There are rules due to the school's Baptist affiliation, and some feel they are too harsh- but I found them well balanced and did not mind following most of them. I loved the friendly, close-knit atmosphere of BPC.


People who are open to teachings of Christianity are excited about this college. Christians, or believers in Jesus Christ would definitely want to join this institution. Nonetheless, Brewton-Parker also welcomes others as well, no matter what background or religion affiliation your come from. The staff and members who make up this great college only want the best out of their students and when it comes to inspiring you towards your dreams, Brewton-Parker is the place to come and embellish those aspirations.