Brewton-Parker College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Daniel, you have always had a knack for doing your best to slide through life without giving a whole lot of effort. I will admit, we were really good at it, and if you keep it up, you will do well for a season. Ultimately though, life is not just about you. People have always been watching you, looking up to you, and rising to whatever standard you set. Learn to be disciplined now. I know it does not seem important, but there is coming a time when even for you it will begin to be too much and just barely will no longer be good enough. So what should you do? Let us look at some practical points. First, learn to schedule so you can keep track of how many deadlines are coming. Secondly, surround yourselves with good friends you can open to about areas in your life where you need help. Yes, I am telling you to seek help from others. I know how prideful you are, but you need help and life will be easier if you accept it. Lastly, never give up. Stay determined to succeed and you will. Good luck, but you will do well.


if i could go back to myself as a high school senior , I will tell myself be wise who you hang around. The people you hang around can determined your future or how far you make it in life . So , be wise who you call your friends.


"Don't be afraid to call your college advisor" is the most important advise I would give myself as a senior in high school. College advisors are there to help you. They know absolutely everything and if you stay in close contact with them they can make your transition from high school to college a lot easier. Also, contact advisors from different colleges even colleges you may not be planning to attend. Get all the help you can from these experts.


Relax. That is the most important advice I could give to myself back in my senior year. High school teachers are not kidding when they say they are preparing you for the future, and don’t slack off for even a minute, because if you make it easy on yourself in high school, you will only make it harder on yourself in college. In college, every class is a challenge. You will have to put effort into studying. Many people think that all you do in college is party. The truth is this: if you party every night, you’ll fail out your freshman year, and you’ll be walking away with nothing but regrets and a large debt to pay off. So instead of partying, try heading to the library instead. While you’re in high school, take advantage of every scholarship offer you can. You will need the money to get through school, and if you’re lucky, you may only have to owe a small fee. This may be a lot to take in, but I promise it is not nearly as stressing as it sounds. So take a deep breath and relax. You've got this.


If I could go back I would probably tell myself to make sure that you check out the costs. Don't just jump into the first one that sends you information, and also do not jump in because it's what someone wants for you or it is what they think is best for you, you need to make that decesion. When you get to college be more open and outgoing do not just hold back and be shy. Go have fun make some new friends and memories! Also make sure you "double check" so to speak, so you are not getting brought into stuff that you know you need to aviod. Just becareful when it comes to making friends ar college. Just have fun enjoy yourself, college is some of the best years of your life!


Pay more attention to the cost. It may be a good school but that matters, and pay more attention to the details of the school. Just because thats where people want you to go to doesn't mean it's the best choice for you.


Knowing what I know now, I probably would have paid more attentino in school. Instead of talking to my friends or "staring out of space," I should have been listening more closely to the important information my teachers were giving me. Being in college now, it is a completely different atmosphere and if you miss a class or miss something the professor says, well you are just out of luck. There is no asking the professor to repeat something or asking them to wait so you can copy down the correct notes, if you do not get it the first time that is your fault. By going into my second year of college, I have learned to be more attentive. I have taught myself to listen and write down everything the professor says because you may never know what will be on their exams. If I could go back and tell my high school self anything, I would definately say to myself to pay more attention and learn better habits in class.


Hi Hannah - future self here. I just want to share with you some words of wisdom about college life. The number one priority is to figure out where your heart is. You have to be where you're at for a purpose and you need to pick the college that will best prepare you for what you want to do. You know your needs, so do your research and don't settle! If you're not content where you're at your grades will reflect it. Also, transferring is not a sign of weakness, it just shows that your priorities have changed. It's a sign of growth and that's a wonderful thing! It's easy to follow the crowd and go to the "cool college" but sometimes what's cool for others just isn't for you. It may take some time to figure out what's most important, but when you do, don't be afraid to make the changes necessary to get the most benefit out of your college experience. Never forget that God is first, always look to Him for guidence, and trust that He is guiding your every step.


"Pssst.... Hey Bianca....wake up! I am the future you, and you need to talk to the guidance counselor about changing your schedule from this extra P.E. class to that A.P. Psychology class. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you want to beat the odds and go into college sure of yourself and without the cop-out psych major. WELL HELLO SISTER, WAKE UP AND SEE THE FUTURE! You are going to want to do psychology, and you're going to be in love with it soooo much that you will decide to get your PH.D. Hey now, don't make that face. You didn't go to a performing arts school for no reason, and you definitely didn't become best friends with the latino's for nothing either. You will ultimately choose to work towards a career of ART THERAPY in SOUTH AMERICA, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. You need to get up, wipe the slobber off your left cheek, and march to the counseling center. Oh! When you get there don't just walk by all those pretty pieces of colored paper. Those are what we call scholarship opportunities---SEIZE THEM AND CONQUER!!!!


I would say that the most important thing in high school is to keep up. I got behind and it's too hard to get caught up. There are so many activities and sports going on, my schoolwork always took the back seat. I find that, in college, I can still continue with my athletics but my college is very helpful with my schoolwork as well. I am no longer treated like a stupid kid, but more a talented athlete that really just needs some extra academic help. It really has made me feel better about myself and my accomplishments. Students in high school need to really insist that they get the help they need to be successful with their schoolwork. I have learned that it's a balance and it can be achieved if you're focused on the right things.


Deciding where one should attend college is a big, sometimes stressful, decision. However, in all actuality the process is not as hard as people make it. Picking a college is a decision that should be based on several factors. Whether you are a parent of a highschool graduate or you yourself are a highschool graduate, the advice stays the same- look for a school that fits the student's needs. Students needs look different. One should look for a school that seems taylor made for him. No school is perfectly taylored made for each student, however, it should seem that to be. The factors that should be observed are divided into categories. These categories include: classroom, teachers, diversity, expertise, socialization, and curriculum. These categories should be sub-divided based on the individual. Ask the question of each categorie: "what do I expect of this categorie?". Then reaserch schools that fit the individual's unique needs. A college search should focuse on the student applying. One should not settle for a school that does not offer everything to meet one's acedimic, social, or


Make sure that before you enroll in a school, you have asked about rules, scholarships, finances, class sizes and campus living arrangements. I have found that sometimes students jump into a college without having all the information and then they grow to resent the school and the students. It is your responsibility alone to be well-informed about the schools you are interested in. Transfering to another school is always possible, but that may be hard depending on what classes will transfer over. Ask someone if, as a prospective student, you can spend a weeknight with a current student and attend classes of interest; you will be able to learn about the campus from a student and get a more in-depth experience than a mere tour can offer. When you arrive on-campus, attend Orientation. It has been put together for your benefit. I saw so many students skip their freshman orientation and most of those students ended up leaving the school at the end of the semester beecause they didn't know anyone and felt out-of-place. Seriously, friends and connections are made during Orientation. Even if you are busy, go to at least one activity!


Make sure you understand finanicial aid program.


When seeking after a college it is important to remeber that you are there to learn. That is your goal. It is an investment in your future so the money is well worth it. I would also like to tell parents and students to take a chance on a college that you really seem to like. Don't let distance from "home" be a factor. Parents, don't limit your child's educational expereince because the college is too far away for your comfort zone. It is also important to note the stress factor. College has a unique set of stressors that aren't found in high school. with this in mind, look for a comfortable place. You'll make freinds, and meet new people, but don't let things like money, distance from home, and other things get you down. If it is that bad then address them at the begining. After thinking about htese issues, I would sugest looking for a place with maximum diversity in cultures, languages, and nationalities. College is one of the best places to learn about the world. Don't let the chance pass you by. Good luck!


Choose a college that best fits your needs. Decide whether you like small college environments or the big university experiences. Each college has it's ups and downs. You should figure out what type ennvironment would best help you suceed in obtaining your degree and what best fits your finacial needs at the time. Remember the college you start out with is not the one you have to stay with; so if you are unhappy where you are at, do not worry there are other colleges to look at that may better fight you. Remeber if you are planning on pursuing your education further in graduate school, choose a college that you feel you will be able to maintain a high GPA while enjoying the college experience.


It is not very cheap but it is very good.




Parents, you must ask your children what makes them happy. Make notes of their inquiries and ambitions. What is it that makes your child shine? When you understand where your child stands in their goals, then seek out colleges that take your child over and beyond of what they want to in that specific field. If you do not get into the institution you want, do not fret. Take another route by going to school where you know your child will get into without any problems. Then, keep encouraging your child to work their way up to get into the that college or university of their dreams. Futhermore, ask until you cannot ask anymore. Asking makes life so much easier. People from colleges and universities love to answer questions, they will definitely be happy to be of assistance to you. Lastly, know your child's faults. We all have faults, but it is really important to know where your child stands in some areas of academics. In this way, it is possible to help your child back on their feet to getting through struggles and mishaps when things do not go as planned.