Briarcliffe College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe it would be very difficult for a non structured person to attend Briarcliffe College. I rememeber my freshman year of college struggling to be organized. College being a completely different world than high school, took some time to adjust. I finally got into the swing of things the end of my freshman year and I'm glad because now I am a very organized and structured individual. If someone doesn't like that kind of lifestyle, they may have severe difficulties attending Briarcliffe College.


A better question is why wouldn't anyone attend this school. It was local to where I live and the night hours were convenient with my working hours. They offered what classes I needed, whether on campus or on-line. The professors were straight forward how they wanted work done and the classes weren't overbearing size wise so there was a realationship between professors and students. My teachers knew me on a first name basis so people who don't want that kind of realtionship wouldn't want to attend Briarcliffe.


You shouldn't attend this school if you're uncomfortable being surrounded by people of different ethnicities. You also have to be very self motivated and be willing to do work outside of class to be successful when you graduate.


A person that should not attend this school , is a person who doesnt really want to be their.


Someone who wants to experience the social aspects of college. This is a commuter school, and most of the students work full time. Making it somewhat impossible to create relationships outside of the classroom.