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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take it serious. I was young and silly like many high school seniors. Adjusting to being in the real world and starting to become an adult was a challenge. My college freshman year GPA was proof to show for it. I probably would have taken the whole high school to college transition a lot more seriously if I was given the opportunity to have a sit down with a current Briarcliffe College freshman or sophomore discussing what to expect. I suggest setting that meeting up, if the option is available.


alot cant explain


finish college


I would definitely emphasize how important it is to be a good student and continue forward with a college education. It has been what I have told my children. 4 out of 5 of my children have gone on to college. My middle son at the age of 21 and much lecturing finally joined the army. College is an extremely important part of a young person's life. In my life I was never encouraged to go to college. In my children's life I emphasized that college was not an option. After high school you continue on to college. I wish I had the same prodding by my parents. Life after high school is college. For me I realized it is never too late to go to college. At the age of 48 I decided to go to college and I truly cannot believe how much I love it. Originally I was going to get my Associates now I definitely want to pursue my Masters. I am so happy I made the right choice.


My first and foremost advice is to speak to someone at a campus and see what they are offering, because the biggest shock to me was how fast I actually got it all done and what they offered. One of my concerns beforehand was the time it would take, because I was already working full time at 18 and wasn't sure how schooling would affect that. The key is just sacrificing a little bit of time and attending straight through the summer which locks in tuition costs. My only other concern was the tuition itself so I would advise speaking to the administrative and financial aid departments to see what they have available as far as scholoarships and eligibilities. Even placement exams give a student a possible scholarship depending on how well they do, which I lucked. There are also outside scholarships a person can research. The last thing that made up my mind was that even working full time, without schooling it seemed like I was just making ends meat. It was at this point when I decided that it would be better to just go to school and have a career in something than none at all.


There's really nothing to worry about. Most of the kids are in the same financial situation as you and everyone is very welcoming to new students. The coarse work is moderate but as long as you try and make an effort theres honestly nothing at this college to hold you back. This school puts a lot of responsibility on the student as far as choosing the coarses and making sure you take the appropriate amount of credits, but the financial aid department and student services are always right there for you when you need them. Its not hard to get in contact with the higher-ups and I've been able to schedule special events and make a difference in the college community. Make sure you stay self-motivated though to stay at the top.


I would say that they will have to find a college that best suits them. They need to know first the tuition. The tuition needs to be at a good price for your money. You don't want to pay a lot of cash for little education. Next would be the different varity of college courses. I mean if you are someone that likes al lot of things to do in, a college with loads of different courses will do you good. You also need to know what is the professor to student ratio. You don't want to seat in a class fullof students and you are recognized as a number or letter. And finally you just need to find a college that best fits you comfort. You need to be at the best condition to learn, socialize and simply to be YOURSELF!!


My advice is to do lots of research, visit the campus and ask attending students what they think of the campus. I would also suggest that the perspective student spend some time on campus to get a feel for the atmosphere.


My advise to parents/students would have to be, school is the most important time of your life. And it is understandable that everyone has things in there life that we think are worse than everyone else. So make the right choice for you. Find a school that you can handle and try not to bit off more than you can chew. Good Luck


An advice I would give parents about finding the right college for their daughter and/or son is to first ask them whether they like it or not. I think so because in the long run the parents are not going to be the one attending the college, it will be their son and/or daughter. They are the ones that have to feel comfortable with its environment. The ones that could even find friend(s) for life or the person they going to spend the rest of their life with.


To do a lot of research. Not only into the education, but also into the social aspect of the school.