Bridgewater College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun and very open towards each other


Classmates here are cheerful, outgoing, assertive and willing to learn in ways that work and benefit them.


I think that all of my classmates are very nice people; they are respectful to you and others in and outside of class.


My classmates were mostly white, rather proviledged individuals who were handed many things in life.


The classmates are good people, but frequently lack a solid worldview that would encourage them to see things from multiple angles. Ultimately, this makes it very difficult to discuss politics or anything about which they feel passionate.


everyone is really nice and helpful and willing to help in any way the can - be it by providing missed notes, or tutoring, or study sessions. everyone looks out for each other and if you need help you just need to ask someone else in the class


My classmates were mostly a group of well-to-do young adults who always knew they were going to attend college and have never had to face the real world on their own.