Bridgewater College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are mostly known for a very academic close in community college.


My school is best known for the excellent academic opportunities. It is also known for their connection with the Brethern church.


It is best known for being a small school that is very unheard of, but i believe it should be best known for its ability to forge lifelong bonds of friendship; it is a place of friendship, love, values, and community.


Bridgewater is known for its close-knit community and well rounded academics.


Bridgewater College is best known for its community. The students, faculty, and the staff have created a safe, fun, and sociable atmosphere for anyone who is considering coming here, or for any visitors.


Bridgewater is known for its Personal Development Portfolio program. This program focuses on developing the whole person in areas including academics, physical and emotional maturity, spritual growth, and citizenship.


Bridgewater College is best known for its Personal Development Portfolio Program. This program focuses on four dimensions of development: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


For being a small town school with christian beliefs. We are the first co-educational college in Virginia and our football team has won the most games in Virginia since 1999. We are a very small private school with a community atmosphere.


Our school is best known for its PDP program. It is a personal developement program where throughout the year every student, aside from their academic workload must complete some form of cummnity service, equaling 10 hours. As you enter Bridgewater College as a freshman you are required to take PDP 150 as a class to meet with your professor and discuss how you plan to make the best of PDP at BC. Also along with the service hours you are required to write a PDP paper that you revise and re-write over all 4 years.