Bridgewater College Top Questions

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It has equestrian.


My school was located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


My school is very environmentally friendly. They try and reduce their carbon footprint daily, and they are very concerned with teaching and preaching the idea of recycling and reducing the use of energy at all costs.


I really liked the school because of the community. While it is a small school, all of Bridgewater loves the BC students.


Bridgewater is a very small school and found in a rather secluded location surrounded by cattle and dairy farms and beautiful, quaint, country charm.


Bridgewater is a Liberal Arts school. It requires its students to take this one class every year called Personal Development Portfolio. The college also requires its students to do ten hours of service learning. At f irst I was a little bummed that I would have to do community service but it's not just about that. Service Learning gives us the chance to go deeper than just community service. It allows us to understand exactly what we are doing and I found that each time I did service learning, I had a lot of fun.


I absolutely love the close knit feeling I get when I walk across the campus! And I don?t just mean student to student, the professor to student relationships go beyond the classrooms. They are extremely enthusiastic in the classroom and are very willing to work with students in any way! Also, the people who work in the administrative offices are just as polite and friendly! It is nothing to see President Stone eating lunch with students. Also, the security on campus is phenomenal. The campus police are very friendly and approachable. Bridgewater has an overall great feeling!!!


Bridgewater is a small campus which contributes to the communal vibe. Most of what you need is definitely within walking distance.


Bridgewater College is a community based school. Students are required to participate in community service.


It has smaller class sizes and is affiliated with a religious group


Bridgewater is a liberal arts college and stresses giving back to the community. every year we have to have at least 10 hours of service and attend 7 convocations a semester. Convocations are speeches and other types of things that broaden our outlook on life. the class size is about 15 to 1 ratio and you get to know your professors and they know you by name.