Bridgewater College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Athletes are the best fit for this particular college. I am a very social person and I enjoy the time that I spend with all my friends, people here are friendly and willing to make new friends. Attend this college if you are a country person, someone that enjoys the environment and the fresh air of the country. Also, people that are school spirited would be a good match for Bridgewater.


Anyone who takes their education seriously, but not to the point of studying at all hours. Anyone who wants a smaller, quieter environment with more focus on relationships and community than partying and drinking. Professors are awesome, they give you one-on-one time, say hey to you in the cafeteria, and actually give you constructive feedback. If you want to be another face in a sea of people, Bridgewater is not the place for you. (But JMU is just down the road... ;))


Those who are willing to put school first. It's very academically correct. Those who are hard working and aren't distracted by nonsense. Those who aren't sure what to go in the direction of your life, Bridgewater College is a place to go and explore the different classes and sections of life.


The kind of person who is interested in developing their social skills. A person who is community service oriented, open minded and eager to embrace new connections and ideas. This is a liberal arts based college so as long as the person is interested in the Liberal Arts and attending a close knit community of people would fit in great at Bridgewater College.


I think a person that likes a small college, would love to attend this school. As well as a person that is very friendly and homely. A person that would want balance in life would be very suitable for this college also. Bridgewater college belives in the "whole" person.


Someone who is willing to be involved in this school and not afraid to express their opinions. You need to have an open mind, but at the same time learn to stand up for your beliefs. Being outgoing is good, but at the same time, being conservative and reserved is not a bad thing. Speaking up and wanting to meet new people makes it so much easier to feel comfortable on campus.


This school is for students who are interested in getting a well rounded education. It is a small school in the country, but only 15 minutes from a larger school. It is a good balance of a small community with the opportunity of more excitement if wanted.