Bridgewater College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who wants to participate in greek life and wants to be a "partier."


A person who should not attened this scholm would be someone who did not grow up in the country who is not open to change and a new life style


I believe that Bridgewater College is a wonderful school and I'm glad I chose to attend here. For me, it is the perfect College, but if someone is looking for a large and busy city atmosphere then Bridgewater is not the place for them. It is a small, quiet campus and that is one of the many things that I love about it.


A person who is not planning on going into the field of the liberal arts should not attend this school. Also, if someone is more interested in attending a larger populated campus would not enjoy Bridgewater. This college is a small private school in the mountains, however, I enjoy it because of the people I have met and the friendly atmosphere.


Someone who is looking for high competition, the latest and greatest research, and large classes.


Someone looking to only party and does not have a set goal in life. You need to know what you somewhat want to do with your life. Someone who is not focused or organized should not even bother to attend this school.


A person who I think would not do well at Bridgewater College is one whom is not independant, uses alcohol on and off campus and adjust well to a large/ city atmosphere school.


A person who is going to college for drinking because Bridgewater is a Dry Campus. Someone who does not respect other people's property should not go to BC either.


Someone who thinks that you dont have to work hard to make it in college should not attend Bridgewater.


If you aren't a dedicated Republican, this school may not be for you.


A person should not attend BC if they are closed-minded. This is a liberal arts school and therefore you must complete not only the classes required for your major but also classes that are general education classes to further open up your mind and provide a well-rounded education. People who are closed-minded will have to open up their mind a little bit and want a well-rounded education if they want to have a good college experince at this school.