Bridgewater College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Campus food isn't the greatest, There isn't much of a variety. Our campus is also a "dry campus" so that's frustrating when the weekend rolls around. Our student id's are used to get into our rooms and to swipe when we want to get some food. We can only swipe our card once for breakfast once for lunch and once for dinner and on the weekends we can only swipe two times. what if I get hungry at 12 am there is no where I can eat on campus. But other than that it's great!


The cost is way to high for what is offered.


Thr most frustrating thing is the way you have to register for classes.


In the winter it gets very cold and can be some what depressing unless you get out and stay involved. Fall and spring at Bridgewater are just a bout perfect, everyone is out an about and there is a lot to do. Just be open minded.


It seems at times that there are too many activities to choose from and still have time for academics, personal time, and friends. However, part of college is learning time management and this helps people decide which activities are most important.


it can take a really long time to get a tutor- took me 3 weeks


The most frustrating thing about Bridgewater is that iit is a very small school, and it tends to have a lot of cliques but once you get to know people, you do get to know one person, you get to know all of thier friends quickly.


Might be that when it snows our professors live about two houses down from the school so there are no snow days.


The most frustrating thing about my school is it's commitment to tradition and how things have always been done, to the extent that it blocks progress and experimenting with new ways of going about things. Tradition is big at Bridgewater and is not messed with. Change is met with a lot of resistance. The world is all about change, so this is very frustrating.