Bridgewater State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is a low cost university that has a wide range of majors for undergraduates and graduates. If you live near the Cape area, this college is right down the road from you, and where many students are from. It is in an urban setting where food and grocery stores are within walking distance. We have a school bus free of charge that takes students all around the university and town. If your worrid you don't have the grades to get into a private college, I had a B average in high school and had no trouble getting admitted.


My school is best known for their teaching program. Also they have a very good aviation program. they have recebtly turned to a university and are going green currently. The campus is a dry cmpus which turns a lot of students off to the school but a lot of students find off campus parties to party at. the greek life do tons of community service.


Bridgewater State is best known for it's beautiful campus with fairly new buildings. There are a lot of clubs and organizations where students may easily become involved. Bridgewater is an easy and safe place to fit in.


My college is best known for teaching. My college is one of the oldest schools in Massachuets. It has a huge teaching program and many of the students here are education majors. This school has many graduate to become sucessful teachers.


Cape Cod Lower Tech is known for a variety of programs in different feilds such as dental assisting, welding, home inspection, nursing, and so on.


Education majors are what my school is the best known but they have a variety of other well rounded programs.


My school is best known for the teaching program offered as a major. It is a very prestigious school for students who want to pursue in a teaching career. However, there are also many other great mAjors offered at Bridgewater State College.


Their extracurricluar activities


Elementary Education program


For being a commute school, and for being a good school for education.


This school was one of the first teaching schools in the country and is still known for it. They are also known for their business programs and their training for managers. It is also known to be affordable.


Probably sports and having excellent professors who have all worked in there fields for a very long time. Almost all have Ph D.


The education program.


A large campus with a variety of sports, clubs and student run organizations.


Their education program.


It's education and teaching program.