Bridgewater State University Top Questions

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This is the only school that I looked at that I felt at home. Whether it was the beautiful landscaping or the cozy campus, I imedietly wanteed to atten Bridgewater State University


Compared to the other schools that I have looked at the campus is quite large but not impossible to traverse as a free bus service is offered. Navigating around the campus is also not difficult as maps are located in strategic places. A large amount of majors are offered ranging from education (intially Bridgewater was primarily dedicated to educating future teachers) to aviation. Compared to UMass and other schools class sizes are small, around 30 students. Bridgewater also has a powerful wireless network allowing students to surf the web with the laptops they are required to own by the school.


While deciding on a school, Bridgewater was ideal based on its location. It has an excellent learning environment that is small in size to benefit any student. The professors incorporate real world visuals and experiences in their lectures. Through staying affordable and convenient students can gain a learning experience while entering the workforce with little debt. Even with the low cost of attendance, the school manages to continue to be focused on high education. At Bridgewater State the tolerance for diversity is higher than many schools and is encouraged.


Bridgewater has an excellent Academic Achievment Center with very helpful advisors, counselors and support staff. My interactions with all professors was excellent - they were always available to discuss any issues that were problematic. A great environment for all ages and all backgrounds.


Bridgwater State College is unique in its synthesis of in-class and on-line learning. It offers a great website allowing students to find out what is going on every day on campus, where to look for scholarships, and unique and fun opportunites. Additionally, there is a great mix of students from race, nationality, religion, age, and so on.


It was easy and convinient


Bridgewater State College has a great campus. It has lots of resources compared to some schools. People that have gone there have all positive things to say about the school. I've heard many people complain about their school or education, but I brag about mine.


The most unique part of my school compared to a lot of other schools is their fight for the rights of other people. They do community service all the time and work hard to help others. They raise money for homeless shelters and for funds helping children. The Student Justice League also urges the school to buy from Fair Trade sellers. They make sure everything in this school was made or grown by people receiving fair wages and rights. This school cares deeply for all humanity.


There are a lot of activities on campus, free of charge. BBQ's, dances, etc. Our Gym is brand new and very prestige.


i think its really cool that bridgewater state is going to be a university by the time i graduate. thats something that not a lot of people can say about theyre school.


They have a special interest in there students.


Bridgewater State is a very diverse population of staff and students. It is a very accepting community, with very scarse forms of discrimination among those attending it.


The area and size


there is a lot of diverse people and its close to home for alot of people


More diverse.


I like my school because it is the right size. The workload is managable and I feel like I am learning a lot.


Bridgewater state is like a small town in its own


I think what is so unique is the teacher to student relationships. There are always professors who are there to help you out with anything and our tool for online, blackboard opened up an entire new way of communicating to students.