Bridgewater State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag mostly about the campus and the cost of attendance.


Bridgewater State University is easily accessible from where I live, only an hour's drive away. To date, most of the classes I have attended are small, they usually contain around 30 students. Most of the professors that I have studied under willing to help you if you need it. Although the campus is large it is not too difficult to find the location are you looking for due to the maps located around campus. If all else fails you can always ask the multitude of students on campus for help who will be more than happy to assist you.


The great professors and the great community of people. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Everyone always in a great mood. We all work together to help our school look good and have the students go on to be sucessful in the real world.


The University is affordable and convient to students. At Bridgewater State University, student learn from professors from top schools including Harvard and Yale. While attending Bridgewater State University it allows students to gain hands on experience in a future career. Currently the University has many different learning environments and benefits many students.


I brag about the value of my school. This is the fourth college that I have attended. After being under-challenged my first year, I transferred and ended up at a prestigious and expensive school and found that the cost of the education put too much pressure on deciding what I wanted to pursue. I left that school and decided to go to Bridgewater State College because I would not have such pressure. I have been able to enjoy and learn from my classes without having an extensive financial burden.


I brag about the campus, teachers, and students. I love evverything about my school. The teacher are extremely nice. They are always willing to help students. Some schools the students are pretenious, but at Bridgewater everyone that I have met so far has been great.


how it'd becoming a university


i tell them how friendly everyone is and how easily i made friends. i also tell them about how much i love my dorm and my roommates. they have become some of my best friends. friendship means alot to me. i also tell them about our sports and academics.


About my job on campus and what I do there.


How many programs they offer and how great some of the teachers are!


It its cheap to go there.


My sorority on campus made me tons of new friends.


my on campus involvement


I brag about how small our class sizes are. I enjoy being able to have class discussions and not big lectures. The professors here are very personable and help you with everything that you need. I feel as if they look at each student individually, and not as a number like they would at large universities.


So far, my class schedule has been very flexible. I have recieved a lot of financial aid, and the work load is just right.


I don't brag about it at all it's nothing that special.


That the classes are small and generally I have a least one person I know from another class.


I dont brag i dont hate the school its just not my favorite.