Bridgewater State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of communication for Freshmen coming in regarding the number of classes to take each semester, the fact that a college advisers can be changed and that the lack of acknowledgment of students of color.


The lack of communication for Freshmen coming in regarding the number of classes to take each semester, the fact that a college advisers can be changed and that the lack of acknowledgment of students of color.


I can not think of a bad thing about my school. The 24/7 security guard can sometimes be a hastle but I know it is only in the students best interest.


The worst thing many students say is the limited parking for commuters, I would recommed you come by nine a.m. to be guareented a parking spot. To get anywhere, you have to do a lot walking or waite for the university bus to come, but that can take a while. Everything is done online; homework, test dates, quizzes, and practice problems. Sometimes I question why I am in class. One thing I hate the most, is the awful smell of the swamp on the west side of campus.


There is nothing wrong about Bridgewater State College academically, but being a commuter, there are not enough commuter parking lots available to the students, for it being a largely commuter based school.


there really isn't a bad thing to say about my school, with any college, it is alot of work


There were not many scholarships available for studying abroad programs. I also found the students as well as staff bias of conservative viewpoints.


As a commuter, I am having a hard time selecting courses based on the current train schedule. The campus needs to discover more accessible routes via public transportation to not limit the students' class offerings, especially as a non-driver and being a working adult.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. I'm from a city where there are multiple races and I was used to having all types of culture around me; but here when I look around it is lacking.


I consider the worst thing about Bridgewater State College to be the lack of organization within the administration. Officies and departments aimed to support students, such as the disabilities, study abroad, technology information, and financial aid offices, often times lack the speed and knowledge needed to effectively support the students who need its services.


A lot of people go home for the weekends


The worst part about college, any college, is how expensive it is. One book alone can cost $200! You're told to purchase required text books but some professors don't even use them and most schools offer to buy them back but it's usually for less than a quarter of their worth. College itself is expensive. Point blank. No questions asked. Saving is key and applying for scholarships is really smart; it never hurts to try. But other than that, if you work hard and try your best college is a wonderful experience. I personally LOVE college!


For my graduate studies at Boston college, I feel the worst thing is the lack of internships for social workers. I would prefer having a different internship each semester not just one a year, it would give me more experience in other facets of social work.


I think the worst thing about Bridgewater State College is that it is unfortunately a large commuter school and therefore the majority of students are not as involved in extracurricular activities as other colleges or universities. Though, the school does offer and encourage all students to participate in a variety of cubs and organizations.


Well, I haven't attended Bridgewater State yet I am attending in the Spring. But, the University of New England is a horrible school over priced and the financial aid office and student affairs people do not do there jobs and let you know 8 months after your loan hasn't gone through that you have a overdue balance and they needed it as soon as possible and give no help to you when asked they just hand you a brochure. So if you are not financially set don't attend UNE.


Lack of activities during the weekends, make campus life quite dry.


The worst thing about my school is probably how crowded the school can seem. The school is farely small but sometimes it seems like there is so many people and it can seem overwhelming.


The only thing i didn't like was registering for classes on the web. It would take hours to do it and the internet connection would sometimes kick you off.


the way one side of the campus is cut off from the other side.


the social life sucks!!! there is not many people on campus...most people commute


a lot of kids go home on the weekends so it gets kind of quiet sometimes if a lot of people go home. Also the cops here are kind of crazy. They patrol and pull people over for no reason other than to see what's going on sometimes. It gets annoying.


Housing. The rooms are very tiny and the bathrooms are old. It needs renovation.


The worst thing about my school is probably the showers. I really like everything about my school, so this is the only thing i could think of. I don't really enjoy sharing a bathroom with my whole floor, and I am not really big fan of the dorm life. Everything here is great and the conditon of the bathrooms and rooms is good, but I would much rather have my own room and live in an apartment.


getting housing


A lot of the students here are people that wanted to go to "better" schools and didn't get in or couldn't afford them. These are the people that constantly complain about everything constantly to the point where it's very annoying.


its really hard to find good parties and sometimes the campus feels like highschool...maybe people form their little groups and are not really open to letting others in


The housing is horrible, if you can even get it. The staff sends you in circles if you're having roommate issues. I also think that they need to revise their policies.


Because it is a state school, many discredit it when it actually is a pretty good learning environment with many highly intelligent students and professors. Being a National Honor Society student in high school I wasn't really looking forward to going but my family couldn't afford anything else and tough family circumstances made it hard for me to go away to Boston where I originally wanted to study. I've found Bridgewater to exceed expectations. It's still not my ideal school, but I'm happy there.


Lack of diversity.


Worst thing is that to be a el ed major you need to also have another major, which makes a big work load


Housind and parking


not enough computers at the library


too many students


Everyone was from the clinches were formed before the orientation. Thus it was really hard to make friends.


too small, didnt accomidate for the amount of students who live on campus