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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Finish high school on time and study alot and ask alot of questions to my teachers and fellow classmates.


I would tell myself to consider more options. Dont think about the distance but think about the school, and the financial aid. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. As a senior I never thought about how the transition to a new living enviornment would effect me. I would tell my High School self to enjoy your home. Take in moments with your family, and dont let them go. Also, the week before you leave make all efforts to not argue with your parents. Leave your home o a good note, because you are going to be so happy to come home in a month.


Get ready sleep in, because you won't have to be ready at seven a.m. to start school. You will have the freedom to do everything on your own time. All those people who say in college you will be constantly busy doing homework, ignore them. All those poems and Shakespearean novel you are reading, are there to scare you. You will not be doing that challenging of things in your first year. Don't fall into Senioritous, because your grade will suffer and then you will rushing to finish everything at the end. I know how much you hate Calculus, but don't worry! You only have to take one required math class, and your teacher allows you to use your notes on tests (even the final!) and drops two of the worst test grades. Those that said professors are strict, they are completly wrong! Be patient getting your licence. You will get it soon. But be very careful driving, you will have many close calls. Most importantly, enjoy every minute of the time you have with your friends and classmates, because when you get your diploma, you won't see many of them ever again.


Dear senior Kaitlyn, I'm here to tell you that your intended major is not the one you intend on completing! You think you want to be a teacher now, and you're about to waste two years taking level 400 English classes that keep you up all night and cause gray hair, but then you're going to come home after two years and realize you want to go into psychology/counseling! I'm here to save you thousands of dollars in school loans by warning you to stay home and attend community college for your AA. I'm 23 now and just starting my bachelors program, this letter will hopefully make it so I start that program at 20 instead! Oh and also, don't go out to breakfast on graduation day, you get food poisoning and almost miss your entire day. Ta Ta!!


If I could go back in time, I would tell my past-self, to be herself. That she has a lot of talent, and she is going to make a lot of people happy throughout her years at this school. Her stories, her artwork and everything else about her will be appreciated. I would tell her to do herself a favor, and enjoy a bright world, and to just breathe and not stress as much as she does., becaus she is going to apply to seven colleges, and get into all of them, because they wanted her to be there. That she really worked hard, to pull up her GPA and now in college she made the Dean's List and has a 3.94 GPA, that she just needs to work hard, and still have a social life, but always know to be able to balance it out. College is not as scary as it sounds.


My opening statements to her would be to initially view this year as a well-rounded goodbye by leaving a legacy, then to take a good look for meaning in interesting community-oriented opportunities. Furthermore, I would relay that she could search for such nuances by building up experience in situations she will want to engage in college in the direction of our aspiring cardiology career. Building upon that, I would introduce an example of what is to come during our second year of college at a research opportunities workshop at UC Berkeley, coordinated by the TAP program. Their student panel will provide so much inspiration and fuel ambition into starting research work that could be part of her future success. Another expectation I would want her to see is that there are plenty of advancement opportunities available at community college. She will be capable of finding the support of a diverse community of people in her courses, and coming to terms with hardships under demanding work schedules. My advice under this new world order is to redeem any misgivings about goals by garnering worthwhile wisdom to become a dependable future adult and field expert.


If I could go back in time and talk to senior me. I would definitly tell myself to try harder then I did my senior year. And actually enrolled in the accelorated and college prep classes. This way I would of had a better sense of what to expect when I got into college. Also that college is nothing like high school. There really isn't anyone there to hold your hand anymore, that everything is really on you. I should of made better decisions back then also I would of told senior that it's ok to ask for help in college. That the school I was going to has a great academic tutoring system. And I shouldn't be afraid to admit I can't do something instead of trying to take on to much at once.


I'm sure about my goal. I was waiting all my life for this moment, I'm ready, I will work for my dream, is not easy, but I will be working and will wait for my last day in my new challenge in my life.


If I could go back it time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say, "monica, get it together." It is easy to throw in the towel once you get accepted to college, you feel like you don't have to try anymore, but that's not true. That is where the real work starts. I would tell myself, to look for scholorships and do them, because you can save alot of money. Who cares if you don't think you will get them, you never know unless you try. I would tell myself, that play time is over, college is not like high school. In order to do well in college, you have to put in 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of yourself into your work, because you get what you put in. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell her not to worry so much, if you do everything you possibly can do, the rest will work itself out.


I would inform myself to stay focused and remain dedicated and driven to my life long goals. In addition I would try to persuade myself to not worry about my social life as it will only take away from my success in the classroom and in athletics. Also I would have told myself to have fun but in moderation because those who do not manifest their own destiny will never rise above from the norm. Lastly I would have told myself to have a plan on balancing sports and workload to allow myself to make more money.


The advice I would give myself would be to take dual enrollement classes to get a jump start on college classes. Knowing what I know now, I think this advice would have assisted me with completing a bachelors degree earlier than the time it is taking me now. I also would have adviced myself to study more for the ACT test. Knowing what a good ACT score could do for you in applying for colleges could have helped me with time.


I would emphasis to myself the importance of living on campus, applying for scholarships, being more involved in campus life and not working so much. I have spent all of my colllege career working a full time job and it has been hard to keep up with school work. I would have forced myself to live on campus for a more collegiate experience and as a way to make life long friends... I would also liked to have known the campus bookstore is always over priced and you should always rent textbooks or buy online!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would point out that the amount of work I dedicated to my studies in high school is woefully inadequate for college. Throughout the years I have spent in college I have learned that hard work is always rewarded regardless of how impossible the odds may seem. I would also mention that it is often necessary to have a to do list in order to keep track of work that needs to be done which will increase your productivity. By using a to do list you can prioritize between assignments saving you valuable time which is scarce during college. I would also tell myself that it is not a bad idea to do some research on the web about professors who may be teaching your classes. Obviously, this was impossible to do in high school as your teachers are assigned to you. However, you may find a better teacher in favor of others whose performance leaves something to be desired. By carrying out this research you may also learn that a class may be harder than you anticipated and make adjustments accordingly.


I would tell my high school senior self that to keep her eyes opens because there are so many opinions out in the world. In high school I was closed minded determine to follow the only path I thought was available for me. Now in college I know that there are several different paths I can take and several different careers open to my disposal. College opens several doors for all that attend and I really think it can give people endless possibilities.


Continue with your dreams of being a teacher but go with english over math, it doesn't sound taht interesting but trust me its better! Just live at school for one year taht's all you need to gain the experience save your moeny instead! If you work hard you will play hard, forget about about hanging around your friends' room and study! don't give up so easily on hard classes and don't settle for just passing. Save all the money you can cause you're going to need to spend it!


Looking back at myself as a high school senior there are many things I would tell myself. When I was a senior, I graduated with my Dental Assisting class in 2011 thinking I would never pursue that career in fear of never making it. I applied to one college, got accepted, but was not able to afford it. Instead, I applied to three colleges closer to home that I had no interest in. I went to one college my first semester completely disliking it. I transferred to my second college next semester and did not feel comfortable. I am now attending my third and final college in hopes I will find what I love. The main advice I would tell myself is to let my guard down and stay focused. If I stayed with my dental career and applied to a dental college I would be working hard to build up a great career by now. Instead, I am undecided finding something just as great, if not then better. If I went back and listened to myself I would not have to go through such a rough time and it would be the happiest decision of my life.


My advice would be to trust people more. I would not have to worry about being bullied for my disabilities or life choices. High school is nothing like college. College is much more accepting where people are interested in you as a person, and your personality. I would also tell myself to prepare for the level of work I would be responsible for. College was a wake up call, because I did not put the effort I should have into my school work. My priorites needed to be made before I walked on that campus. It is not all fun and games, education is just as important. I would tell myself to quickly find balance in order to maximize my college experience.


College isn't a frighting as it seems. Just relax and walk in with confidence, everyone there has their only problems so they will not think twice about yours. The professors take in consideration that you have a learning disabity and they will try and aid you in any way that they can. If you pace yourself you can handle any amount of work, you just need time management. College isnt as big as it seems just take it step by step and itll be just fine.


Dear Self, I cannot believe you are actually thinking of putting college off for a year. That year break might sound like fun now but that year turns into four years. Just take a deep breath and go for it. You are a motivated person and will make it through. Transitioning through the first week is tough but look around, all those freshman feel the same way you do, and they get through it too. Teacher's in college are not out to get you either. When you feel like your falling behind do not wait to ask for help. Waiting only leads to falling deeper into the hole and still having to ask for help. Make friends with as many people in your major as you can, you will be working together for the next four years. Just remember the phrase "this too will pass" during finals and eventually you WILL have your degree... Then you are off to Graduate School!


Allison, You have such a bright future ahead of you and so many wonderful experiences to look forward to. Remember that while picking the "right" college is important, it is the biggest decision you will ever make. Know that everything happens for a reason and that wherever you go will be where you were supposed to end least for awhile. However, if you are ever unhappy do not feel trapped and alone. You always have options, and a loving family and friends that will support you no matter hat you decide. Life is so incredibe and you will encounter a ton of truly amazing people! Utilize those people and resources, and don't be afraid to ask for some help when you need it. Also, don't make yourself crazy with all kinds of activites. School is your main priority and you need to take some time every once in a while just for you! Have fun, live on the edge of your faith, and don't be so paranoid about the little things!!!


College is the best adult learning experience one should follow immediately after completing high school. Education is the one thing that no one can take from you because what you learn is embedded in your mind and soul. As a mother of 3 boys, I find it amazing that I am asking my boys for help with math! I am simply amazed at their willingness to assist me with what I've simply forgotten since the 13+ years I've been out of school. My oldest says to me, "Mommy, you're never too old to learn." And with that being said, I should have not waited until I was this old to return to school but it gives me great comfort in knowing not only do I have the full support of my kids but that anything is possible to a willing mind and heart. Amen.


Some advice I would give myself is to relax. The people at college are not going to hate you. I would tell myself to be personable and allow myself to mingle more with my peers. Do not spend so much time holed up in your room. Go out and meet people. There are students on campus who can help you make your way through the ranks and become a respected student on campus. Friends are also a good thing to have. You cannot do it all on your own. Talk to friends when life gets you down. Do not keep it all bottled up inside. Your school work is going to suffer if you do not take time to relax. Relaxing time is key to staying focused and happy. So just allow yourself to talk to people and relax.


I would tell myself to relax, college isn't as scary as it seems. I would also tell myself just to enjoy the experience. College is a time to have fun and be young. College is about managing your time and as long as you can manage your timely efficiently than everything will be okay.


I woul have advised myself to learn how to adapt to a new style of learning. As well I would advised myself to learn how to adapt to a new way of living. In many cases I have experince here that you need to become independent and be able to responsible on your own. If I could go back to high school I would say that to myself. As well if I could go back to High school I would tell myself to be prepared for advanced learning. Now I realize you have to be able to learn at a higher level then you did before. Lastly I would of told myself to prepare to learn how to study which, is something that is required to be sucessful in college.


Throughout my life I have been considered an introvert and usually complied when people ordered me around. The reason being was I never wanted to make enemies because making enemies always ends in a violent struggle and I was never really a fighter to begin with. In the process of my compliance to living under other people's orders I took drugs and started skipping school. As a result of that I had to repeat courses that I otherwise would of passed without a problem, but growing a little bit older I have matured a lot. I now can make social conversations without feeling awkward and I will never again cower down to a level that people feel that they can control me. My advice to my former self would be that it doesn't matter what your social standing is now, but to focus on your education because it would get you further than having current fun with your friends.


Knowing what i know now about college life, I wish I would have known a few things. I would have given myself the advice to first, save money! If i would have been smarter with my finances in high school, I would have been more prepared for the college life. I would also give myself the advice to use my time wisely. Time management is so important in college, with all the homework and tests. The last piece of advice I would have given myself would be to take good notes and study, study, study! Studying is so crucial in college, its not as easy as it used to be in high school.


I think the most important advice I could give myself would be to really open up and just be myself when I moved onto campus. I had a really hard time adjusting and making friends when I came here; I would've told myself to get more involved in the activities on campus. Along with that I definately would have advised myself to work really hard, especially in my english class because I struggle to write. I became a stronger writer during my first semester because I had so many essays thrown at me at once; I never prepared myself for that workload when I was in high school.


There are many things I have gotten out of from college experience. As a Math major and a Computer Science minor, I have enjoyed my student's life a lot. To begin, I have learned in math classes how to solve problem accurately, and I have applied my math knowledge in Computer Sciences classes. In addition, these tools I have learned from my college classes taught me to view the whole life in a different way. I can model real life event in mathematics equations, and it makes life easier for me to grasp. Secondly, as a student tutor, I can explain pretty well most of the college math due to my college experiences. For instance, most of the students in my college like working with as a tutor because they said I have an easier way to compare the mathematical problems to everyday life event. Finally, attending college has changed my life in a good way. For example, I am a shy person, but being among my peers every time and trying to tutor math and help other with programming problems have made one of well known person in my college. I am very glad to have this opportunity.


College has really taught me a lot about myself and my abilities. It made me realize that you need to give every person you meet a chance, they just might surprise you. It also made me realize that unlike highschool, you need some serious focus and determination to get the grades you want and deserve. College has been a life changing time and the trouble I've faced in the past three years has made me a stronger person. The people I've met have become some of the greatest friends in the world and I think I have found good direction in my life in terms of career goals and expectations.


By attending Bridgewater State University I have gained many friends and connections for life. This experience has allowed me to gain the support I need for life and be around people that are as motivated as myself. There are several people around me including Managment professors that have taken an interest in helping me achieve my goals and they will help me accomplish my goals. Even during tough challenges the college experience has given me the tools to succeed and become hands on. Currently my college experience has taught me to be self motivated and hard working. Through the experience of going to college and attending Bridgewater State University, the expectation to do better in life have been raised. By seeking help and involving myself in my environment, I have gained many life skills which include analytical, quantitative and problem solving. The experience has allowed me to take on greater challenges while still maintaining a high GPA. Because of the great learning environment and the professors and faculty that support it, I can enhance the skills I have learned for my life and my career. By involving myself throughout my learning stages I can accomplish more obstacles when they appear.


At the college i am attending now i think that i have made a few good friends and had a good start to where i want to go. It made me realize what i need to do in order to be happy and has given me a push in order to do it. It wasnt my top choice, or my favorite place to go but it did help me leanr a few things about myself that i didnt know before.


After marrying at an early age and starting a family, attending college was not possible. After a divorce and remarriage I took some certificate courses and evetually enrollled on a full time basis in a bachelors degree program. This was the best decision I ever made (apart from marrying my husband!). After completing the BSc program (working full time and raising a family) I enrolled in the Masters level program in psychology. From there I became certified in mental health counseling and substance abuse specialties. My lifelong dream, however, is to pursue the doctorate in psychology where I can use my knowledge and experience to research addictions and mental health at a deeper level and make some significant contributions to those populations who are suffering from these conditions.


During high school, I attended a parochial school which put heavy emphasis on the importance of going to college. I had other plans. I napped in class, avoided studying, and rarely ever handed in homework assignments. My main goals in life became socializing and partying. Thus, at the end of high school, I was left high and dry with nothing to show for it except for my 2.1 GPA. I am not an unintelligent person; I had simply lost my way. Bridgewater State became my only option and I reluctantly applied. During my college career, I have grown up significantly. I have found my passion in life (art history), applied myself, and am now the proud owner of a 3.4 GPA. I enjoyed attending school for the first time in a long time. I have enjoyed my time so much, in fact, that I intend to go on to recieve my master's degree, and eventually my doctorate. What I got out of my college experience was integrity, responsibility, and passion. Although I am not always happy in my choice (or lack thereof) of colleges, nothing can replace the personal growth I have experienced in my time there.


What I have gotten out of the colleage experience so far is that, u have to balance your time for personal time, school and work. When u have a job and you are in school full time it takes up alot of your time you have to find time to juggle with school work getting to work on time and study time. Its not a easy task but if you stay focus and try to balance your time everything will work out the best it can. Going back to school is the next best step you can make in your life have a high school education is not going to get you very far in these day and times jobs want you to have more than that, that why I have gotten inspired to go back to school because education is a great thing and you have a better opportunity when you have some time of degree.


My college experience is and have been very vauable to me. I have gotten alot of valuable experience of life and how to live, cut back my expences and focus more on the basic necessities. I have met many different people from all walks of life that have definitly enrich my life in one way or another. My reading and writing skills have improved tremendously, as well as speech, spelling, communication skills, and my confidence have improved beyond measures.


Bridgewater State College is a great school to attend. The environment is fantastic. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and the professors are extremely helpful. If you need their help, they are always willing to put in some of their time to help you out. You are probably thinking, "What do you know, you're only a freshman? You probably just haven't met any of the mean ones yet." Well, one of the things that got me interested in Bridgewater State was the fact that everyone I talked to, freshman, sophomores, and juniors, all said the same thing. They all told me that the professors at Bridgewater were really nice and were extremely willing to help you when you need it. I found this to be very true. I didn't think I would make any friends at school because I'm shy. A lot of the students are really friendly and greet you like they've known you for years. This has helped me gain quite a few friendships. Well, as you can see, Bridgewater State College is really a great school to attend!


I have gotten so much out of my college experience thus far. I have gone to the Museum of Science, seen the Lion King on Broadway, participated in community service to get the pre-school ready for children, and so much more. I have also received a unique academic experience where I'm able to use both in-class, in-person learning as well as on-line enrichment. I've engaged with students outside my age group, and am now friends with people who are parents themselves and are approaching college in an entirely different way than myself. It has been so valuable to attend Bridgewater State College because I have branched out, academically and socially. Also importantly, I am having a lot of fun.


While it is commonly said that one can reinvent themselves and be whoever they want in college, my best advice to any incoming freshman would be to simply be true to themselves when trying to make friends. When I entered college I struggled with the decision as to whether or not come out as a lesbian right away. Even though I was ready to come out I decided making friends would be difficult enough without the added pressure of confronting homophobia. However, finding "my place" so to speak and meeting people I clicked with proved to be much more difficult while pretending to be someone I thought people would like. As a result, I had a lot of difficulty making friends and adjusting to the social life of college in my first few months of college. But once I embraced the real me, making friends almost instantly became easy. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the confidence needed to make compatible friends and form real connections with people can only come from a sense of confidence in your real inner self.


Advice that I know now but would give myself when I was a senior in high school would be instead of focusing on the negatives and making everything seem negative look up to what I was pursuing with more passion and possitive. As if they were the challenges to be where I want to be, because that is really what school is all about, the steps to success.


I would tell myself as a high school senior that I should never be intimidated by the college process and to only pursue the things I feel passionately about. I think too often students pursue degrees based on monetary or family values. I feel that with the current economic environment there is an enormous amount of pressure on my generation to provide for themselves, their families and the failing baby-boomer generation. This pressure forces a lot of talented and innovative minds into fields that produce wages and lack stimulation for growth. I want for myself in high school what I want for myself and my generation now and that is to never be influenced and always be inspired.


If I were to go back to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to live in the moment, and to enjoy the time I had with my friends. I would tell myself to appreciate the memories more, and to soak in every moment with my friends. I would also tell myself to start to save up money for school, and for spending money once I got to college.


If I could go back to when I was a senior in high school, I would give myself one message: to relax. College is so different from high school, and you have to be prepared to adapt to different class settings and different types of people. You need to relax, and enjoy the process, because you are never going to get it back. You need to focus to get good grades, but stillenjoy the experience.


I know this sounds cliche, but BE OPEN MINDED. Going into college I looked at myself as a very open minded person, but once I got there I feel like I closed myself off from others and wasn't open to new ideas, new people and new situations. I had a plan to join clubs/organizations meet people on my floor and do all the quitisential things a first year college student does, but when I got there my room situation wasn't as expected and I just didn't engage myself. I would stay in my room and never met many people. So I would tell myself to not let the little things ruin everything. Be open to different types of people who aren't like me and just try to make the best of any situation.


I would tell myself to always leave room for error. It is important to not set any plans in stone because the course of a college education rarely goes as planned. There are always bumps to conquer along the way and therefore, an alternate plan needs to be considered. I had planned on becoming a music teacher, but went to a school that ruined that idea for me. Three schools later, I have explored the field of education, but am now majoring in history and preparing myself for law school. Most students I know have had a change of heart at least once in the course of their college careers. Transitions are another big area needed to conquer. College is not just about academia. There is a social aspect as well. Before deciding to attend a "party school," it is important to evaluate how you would function in such an environment. Is it possible to keep up with the school work? Can you adjust to living with a roommate or would you rather commute? There are many decisions to make and a lot of the college experience comes from trial and error. Always be prepared to make necessary changes.


Dear Andrea, Go with your gut feeling. This is the school you have wanted to go to since seventh grade. You will not be disappointed. You will be making the correct choice. APPLY FOR SCHOLORSHIPS! College is expensive and loans are not fun. Once you get there, try and open up to more people than your roommate and your friends from high school. Get involved sooner! Join the hip hop team even if you have second thoughts. It?s a good exercise and a great way to meet new friends. Stick it out through the Winter Dance rehearsals. They won?t be as horrible as you think. Don?t be afraid to be yourself, and don?t change to please anyone. Go to the events on campus, even if it is something silly like a gingerbread house contest, or Wednesday night bingo. One huge piece of advice I can offer is to NEVER PROCRASTINATE! It will only hinder you in the long run. But most of all, the biggest piece of advice I can give you, is to enjoy every second of it because it goes by in the blink of an eye. Love your Future self, Andrea


First of all, just breathe. I know it's a lot to deal with and get used to. I know it's hard to be on your own but you can and will do it. Sometimes the work gets hard but pace yourself. Make sure you have a planner and write everything down. Don't wait until last minute to study for a test or write a paper. Try to get enough sleep even though that is impossible. But most importantly, never lose sight of your dreams. Never forget why you are there and what you want to do. Keep those dreams fresh in your mind and remember you will get there. Don't ever give up because in the end it will all be worth it and you will have made some of your best memories of your life.


Looking back on my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to be more involved in campus life from the start and to not be afraid to be myself and talk to other people. I have always had a problem with getting up the courage to talk to new people or make new friends so I had a lot of anxiety the whole summer leading up to my first semester in college. Because of that anxiety, I also found that I was hessitant to join a lot of clubs and therefore missed out on those opportunities. I also had a hard time adjusting to college life because I commute to college so I am never able to be focused fully on college and friends because I have to also worry about my home life. I know my senior year I was very nervous about my ability to adjust to college life and if I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would just tell myself to relax a little more about the desicions I had to make and to keep and open mind about every opportunity that I may come across at college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself there are quite a few things I would want to say to myself. First of all I would tell myself to work harder because I am capable of doing so much more then the bare minimum that I have been doing so far in my life. I would make sure that I understood that in order to help people the way I've always wanted to, the choice that I make relating to the school I choose would directly affect that. Additionally I would tell myself to relax, that everything would be fine as long as I remembered to get involved. Finally I would beg myself to not room with a friend from home because that will result in me not making as many friends as I could because I will be clinging to the past and what I know when I should be looking towards the future.


Dear Steph, Right off the bat, you're going to do great! College is an amazing experience, and take it from me, one you'll absolutely love. Since you're a senior you're pretty much done with the whole high school scene. But enjoy it while it lasts. College is a whole new ball game and a part of you is going to miss this place. But let's get down to business. College isn't a game. It's a lot of work with a lot of down time. I think that's what shocked me the most. Professors care but at the same time, don't care. If you show up to class, put in the time and effort you'll do great. But skipping class and assignments add up. It's your choices that influence your future. However, I think the most important thing is to stay "you". College is certainly overwhelming; there are so many new people to meet. But don't get swept up. You know you, Steph. Make friends, know your limits, and take as many opportunities that come your way. College is what you make of it. Just be you. Love, You!


It has been 12 years now that I graduated high school, I have learned so much since then. I would love to have the opportunity to go back to my younger self with the knowledge I have now. I would tell myself to enjoy college life, to get the most out of the opportunity and to not be afraid of the transition, it will be the best four years of your life. You will learn a lot about yourself and about others, but don't let other people get you down. You are a good person and deserve to have fun while you study hard. Please, finish your second major, that will help you in the future when you change careers. In the end, have confidence in your self, you are going to do great out there.