Bridgewater State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The dean help me alot becuase of my learning and health issues.


the best thing about my school, is how clean it is. No one wants to live or spend most of their time some place that is dirty. Also, how open it os. Students are able to be themselves without having to worry about judgement from anyone. Also the suport from the teachers, it is hard to fail at this school, because you have greeat teachers that are pushing you to do well, and are willing to do whatever it takes, to help you do well.


The opportunity to meet people from all over New England and share different cultures and traditions.


The Understanding Professors.


The best thing about my school is that everyone there is so kind. They want to see you succeed and help in any way they can. I walk around on campus and everyone smiles and waves. It really makes you feel welcome. I feel like this makes the adjustment for freshman easier. If you come to campus alone, you are not alone for long.


My school is known for their outstanding education program. I am very proud to be going here as an education major because I feel I will get the best possible education here and that they will help me be successful in my career as an elementary school teacher. Also I feel that the professors that work here are some of the best around; they are supportive and generous.


I consider the social justice movement that is continuously growing on my campus to be the best thing about my school. Bridgewater State College is socially an extremely progressive school. The school has increasingly become devoted to becoming more enviornmentally conscious and has always been concerned with diversity issues. The president, facaulty and much of the student body at this school are very passionate about social justice giving students full support for any activism or community service that may interest them and also gives students a lot of leadership opportunities.


Bridgewater State has some incredibly interesting staff -- both good and bad. The good ones are totally worth it.


I best thing about this school is the opportunity for undergraduate research.


The small classes because I feel like you learn better in a small class. The teacher knows your name and help you individually.


I enjoy that all the classes are very small and the teachers are always readily available. Another thing I enjoy is that the buildings are far enough apart that you can walk in between classes and stretch your legs a bit before sitting in another class, from one end of campus to another is over a mile long. This school is all in all a comfortable and safe environment and I enjoy it!


I considered the over all learning experience to be the best at my school. The teachers really know the subject that they are teaching. Also the students there are great.


It is very affordable while still providing a good education and countless other resources and activities to get involved in. The Honors program provides gifted students with higher level classes and other benefits, such as early registration. If it weren't for this program, I don't think I would be nearly as satisfied with BSC.


The best thing about Bridgewater is the atmosphere you surround yourself with. No matter who or what you are, you can find people who are simliar to yourself and can find an activity or program which embraces who you are as a person.


This school is constantly working to make itself a better place. They are building more dorms and updating facilities constantly. Each semester I am more satisfied with the faculty I've been involved with than the next. Bridgewater is working very hard to make itself a better school on all fronts all the time, and, atleast since I've been here, it has been a more than sufficient school. Economy pending, it can only become one of the better public schools in the country pretty soon at the rate its going, if it isnt already.


I think that the best thing about BSC is the friendliness of everyone around. If you need help with anything or just need someone to talk to, there is always someone there to help.


The class sizes are small and making contact with the teacher after class hours is very easy. It was close to my home and it was easy to make friends there.